Holiday Meals….The Second Time Around

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Photo Credit: D Sharon Pruitt

Getting together with family and friends and eating is one of the best loved things of the holiday season.  We tend to over-cook and over-bake (well at least I do) and have so much food leftover during the fall and winter holidays.

I try and hand off send home containers of leftovers with those that come and partake with us, but how is it that all that food seems to multiply? (if that’s possible!) It’s daunting to come up with a number of meals to eat afterward so I don’t waste it.  It’s one of the few times of the year that we have so much to eat, I never think of having to Buy Emergency Foods in case we get snowed in.

So here are a few ideas on how I use my holiday leftovers. 

Turkey gets made into turkey salad with some mayo, carrots and celery.  Paired with some whole wheat bread, it’s an easy cold meal to make after the rush of all that cooking that was done the week before.

I use mashed potatoes to make potato pancakes, which taste great with leftover turkey and gravy over top.

Stuffing is a great binder, use leftovers to make meatloaf later in the week.

I have yet to figure out what to do with the green bean casserole…so I just freeze that LOL.  If I still find it in my freezer in May when I go to to get supplies for tornado weather, I know it’s time to cut back on how much I make for the upcoming holiday season!

What do you make with your holiday leftovers?  That is if you have any!

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