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Before you outlay a lot of money for lunches from the school cafeteria or convenience foods, define what healthy means to you.  I know they are trying very hard at schools to ensure that the children receive a well balanced meal, but I met my daughter for lunch many days when she attended school and for many reasons a lot of the kids’ food was tossed in the garbage.  It could have been because of taste, selection or just not enough time to eat it, but whatever the case, if the food isn’t getting in them, they’re not getting a healthy lunch.

Another decision you need to make is whether you want to be eco-friendly and have your child take reusable items.  This is important because it is a bit more work on mom or dad’s end when making lunches, but also a responsibility issue for the child taking the lunch, as they have to remember to pack it all up and bring it home with them.

If you want your children to eat warm, healthier lunches, at an affordable cost, and teach them responsiblity, WARMABLES is a perfect product for you!

WARMABLES is a highly effective heat source consolidator; it keeps food warm for 4-6 hours.

Each set includes:
– The actual WARMABLES pouch, it is the insulator. It’s is made with layers of various cotton and polyester fabrics which are then lined with nylon.

– A BPA-free plastic food storage container. It holds up to 16 oz. of food and does not leak.  It is safe to heat and store meals in this container. 

– A cherry pit bag; this is an old trick used before the time of modern heating systems;

Here is how it works:

  • Fill the provided plastic container with food. Heat in microwave.


  • Put the container with its hot contents into the WARMABLES pouch.
  • Heat the provided cherry pit bag in microwave.

  • Put it into the WARMABLES pouch along with the food container.


  • Take the sealed WARMABLES pouch and put it into your child’s INSULATED lunch box. 

That is it; you are now ready to start feeding your kids healthier lunches, save money, produce less garbage and feel really great about all of the above.

You may need to send a smaller, extra bag along for a drink and snacks, as you don’t want to pack anything cold inside with the WARMABLES pouch, since the cold/heat would mitigate each other.

I tried it out with the Chicken Noodle Soup shown above.  The soup was microwaved for a little under two minutes, the broth was boiling when I took it out.  I microwaved the cherry pit back for 45 seconds and then another 20.  It was hot to the touch.  I followed the rest of the directions and left the lunch bag on the kitchen counter for 3 hours. 

At that point I opened it up.  The container with the soup was still warm to the touch, and the cherry pit bag, still had some residual heat emanating from it.

I tried the soup.  It wasn’t hot, but it was warm.  I had Amber try it, and she said it was a perfect temperature for her.  I would have preferred it a bit warmer than it was, so next time I use it, I will increase the time I put the cherry pit bag in the microwave.

In any case, Amber is excited to use this when she goes to day camp this summer so she doesn’t have to eat sandwiches all week, she’s looking forward to soup and noodles to eat instead!

WARMABLES are available for $27.95 plus $5.70 shipping at, and they take PayPal.  But WARMABLES offers their kids pack at a whole rate if you order via e-mail.  All you need to do is e-mail, and they will get back to you and take care of your order, then you can get the WARMABLES For Kids for $17.00 plus shipping.

They also host a monthly giveaway for one free WARMABLES For Kids on their site.  To qualify participants need to sign up for their short weekly newsletter and read it.  Each month they will ask readers to answer one simple question via email.  Then they pick a winner from the participants.

You can learn more about WARMABLES and the other products they sell at

“I wrote this post as part of a blog campaign by Warmables and received a sample to facilitate my candid review.”

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