Hang Anything On Your Walls With Magnetic Paint

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Give your rooms a personal touch with this quick, inexpensive project.

Have a lot of photos from family and friends or art drawings that your children have made, and no more room on the fridge to put them any more?  Try painting a feature wall with magnetic paint.  This paint needs no special prep, so even a first-timer can get it on quickly and achieve a personal touch like no other.  You will be able to adhere anything you want to the wall with magnetic signs once the paint is fully dry, and you can display so much more than what your fridge could!

While I admit my daughter 8 years ago when she was 7 is awfully cute mixing up muffin batter, the real reason for the picture is the wall behind her.  That’s a wall painted with magnetic paint.

It was simple to do, no extra supplies besides the usual painting ones.  And we purchased the paint at the local mega box hardware store.

What I loved about this wall was that I could move all the pictures and drawings into different arrangements when ever I wanted to, and didn’t have to worry about ruining the wall by taking them off and repositioning them.  I could also wipe down the wall with a damp cloth when it got dirty with no effect on the paint.

Over the years we collected a vast amount of magnets to put up on the wall.  Promotional ones like a recycle sign from our city, festive ones for holidays and on each vacation we took we purchased one to put on the wall as a remembrance. 

That’s one of the few things I actually miss from that house.  Now I have a bunch of magnets that don’t get much use anymore, the photographs are back on the fridge in the small space I have allotted them.  But we continue the tradition of purchasing a magnet on each vacation, now they just get put on the file cabinet in our office instead!

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