Hair Loss and Thinning

Hair loss and thinning are more common than you think for women – 40% of American women experience either one or both by age 40.  If your hair starts to fall out, don’t look the other way.  Hair actually has a delayed shedding cycle – falling out 90 days after it has stopped growing – so pay attention to how much hair you are losing each day, especially if it seems to be a significant amount.  

There are numerous reasons for thinning and hair loss.  Life events, things like stress, weight gain/loss, surgery, etc., can exacerbate hair loss.  Genetics, hormones, scalp issues, nutrition all have their roles as well.  So whether one or a combination of any of them, don’t fret, there are several ways to keep hair healthy, thick and shiny.

Here are some transformative treatments and quick fixes.

• The top ingredient to promote hair regrowth is minoxadil.  When purchasing look for a product that contains at least 2% of it.  You need to be consistent when using for results.  This is a product that you would want to apply to the scalp daily, and you can apply to your scalp with either damp or dry hair.

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• Nutrition may also help prevent future hair loss.  Try and eat lean protein at every meal as well as complex carbs help your body digest the protein.  A daily supplement with biotin, iron and vitamins B12, C and D can also help.

• Healthy hair starts with a healthy scalp.  Tackle flakes and/or dryness with a nourishing treatment that includes vitamin C, proteins and botanicals.


Styling Tips

• Before you blow-dry, spray a thermal protection product from roots to ends.  This will reduce the stress of heat on your hair and also will act as a primer to make your style last longer.  When you blow-dry, hold your hair at a vertical angle to get more lift at your roots.

• Use a brush that has both plastic and natural bristles for increased shine and less damage.  At night before bed, lightly brush hair to prevent it from tangling while sleeping.  Use a wide, soft hair tie if you prefer to wear ponytails, and don’t fasten it too tightly.

• Dry shampoo is your bff for a quick fix.  You’ll get natural-looking volume with it.  Shake the can and spray a few times before putting it on your air, aim for the roots to mid-way in order to get a full look throughout.

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