Good Cook/Sweet Creations 3D Holiday Ornament Cake Pan

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I love to bake and with the holidays creeping up on us I am on the lookout for awesome ways that I can use baking to gift and thank the people that are special to us.  Just last week Good Cook sent me some nifty products to do just that: a 3D HOLIDAY ORNAMENT CAKE PAN, CAKE DECORATOR BAG, and some CANDY STRIPE LARGE COOKIE BOXES.  These are some fun tools that are perfect for making up some sweet creations for our friends and family.  We spent the day experimenting with baking and decorating and we had so much fun!

sweet creations

For me personally, I like the idea of this themed way of baking up some personal cakes.  You can decorate them any way you wish, (and if you’re more talented than I am, you could probably whip up something that is bakery worthy) but besides being a bit time consuming because you can only bake four at a time, it really is a very easy way to be festive with your baking.  When we made these ornament cakes, we just used a box cake mix.  Then we used store bought icing and sugar sprinkles.

The pan is of great quality, it’s non-stick and you don’t really need to pre-treat it with anything to get your cakes to unmold (I did use Pam in mine for the first batch, but found it was unnecessary).  Not only do your cakes come out in a cute shape, but the pan is easy to wash and clean up when you’re done.

sweet creations

Each of the four wells in the 3D HOLIDAY ORNAMENT CAKE PAN is different, and are reminiscent of classic ornaments that hung on the trees both decades ago and now. 

Using fun edible decorating embellishments like sprinkles, sugars, fondants, non-pareils and the like, is a great way to get your kids involved decorating once the cakes have cooled.

sweet creations

sweet creations

sweet creations

sweet creations

All in all we are really happy with the way our ornament cakes turned out.  The cookie boxes to present baking in are a nice size and I love that they make it easy to share during the holidays.  This cake pan is definitely holiday entertaining worthy or an awesome gift for the person who loves to be in the kitchen.  You can buy it on for $29.99.

29 thoughts on “Good Cook/Sweet Creations 3D Holiday Ornament Cake Pan

  1. I like that you don't have to pre-treat the pan and the come out easy. This would be cute to gift in a gift basket and add a few of the Gift boxes., Decorating Tools and more items. Thank you for sharing

  2. I bought my pans today but I am bit confused on how to use them. Do you only put cake batter in one half and then bake with the top half of the pan on if you want to make the 3d effect?

  3. Hi Laurie! Yes, you fill the bottom cavity with the batter and then the top part (the half with the holes) goes on top and then you bake it, as the batter rises they will fill the top cavities and any overflow will come through the little holes on top. Hope that helps.

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