Glue It and Chew It – An “Extra” Special Mason Jar Gift Filled with Gum

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Earlier this week I was invited to participate in a sponsored post campaign for Collective Bias where I was asked to come up with a DIY craft using Wrigley’s Extra Chewing Gum to create a holiday gift.

gum holiday gift #shop

When I think of chewing gum my thoughts instantly run to airplane travel because that’s the one essential I ALWAYS make sure I have close by for take off and landings.  Making a craft with it stretched my creativity and I had (what I thought was) a great idea that I shared with my campaign leader to use it to decorate a plate to use as a wall hanging.  Well you know how it goes sometimes…something that seems absolutely possible in your head doesn’t translate so well when you actually try to do it.

Anyway, take two on the craft project and I found some really neat snowflake embossed mason jars at Walmart, and thought “this, this I can use the gum with!”  I was shopping with my mom at the time and when I told her my idea, I think she thought I was a little crazy to want to make a craft with sugar free chewing gum.

Extra Gum Mason Jars #shop

To make an “Extra” Special Mason Jar Gift you’ll need:

* 1 package of Wrigley’s Extra Chewing Gum (15 sticks, available in Walmart checkout aisles) in Peppermint, or Polar Ice (these mint flavor colors look really nifty as snowflakes)

* Mason jar (you can get Anchor Hocking embossed ones at Walmart in Snowflakes and Snowmen which will make your craft a bit easier)

* Glue Gun

* Modge Podge

* Wrigley’s Extra Chewing Gum for filling the jar

One could certainly use a blank mason jar to do this and plan their own template, but I cheated and bought the embossed jars with the snowflake on them.

So I measured the different parts of the snowflake on the jar, and cut the sticks of gum to fit the lengths and widths of them.

cutting gum sticks #shop

And then I took my glue gun and glued the cut pieces of Extra chewing gum to the jar.

gluing gum on mason jar #shop

gluing gum on mason jar #shop

It’s pretty simple to do, I’d say the most time intensive part is just cutting the gum to fit your template.  And if I can do this craft, honestly, anyone can!

Once the chewing gum is glued on, coat the gum with some Modge Podge, let it dry and then coat it again once more.  If you get Modge Podge on the jar outside of the design, when it’s all dry you can just scrape it off.

Then once it is completely dry, fill your jar with the wrapped sticks of Wrigley’s Extra Gum in Peppermint, Polar Ice or Spearmint flavors, or the packages themselves.

DIY Gum Mason Jar #shop

Mint Gum Jar #shop

Using the embossed jars worked really well because the snowflake stands out a little bit more than it would if the gum was just glued flat onto the jar surface.  The finished product looked pretty good, if I say so myself (way better than Take One of this project, that’s for sure!).

Mint Snowflake Gum #shop

Of course the “Extra” special theme makes a great gift to show someone how much you appreciate them this holiday season.  I gave one of the jars that I made to my mom.

Extra Special Mom Gum #shop

The other one I’m keeping for myself!

Gum Mint Jar #shop

Wrigley’s Extra Gum single packs make great stocking stuffers too.

Stocking Stuffers Gum #shop

How would you #GiveExtraGum this holiday season?

37 thoughts on “Glue It and Chew It – An “Extra” Special Mason Jar Gift Filled with Gum

  1. Those are SO cute! I was crazy obsessed with Extra's Polar Ice back in high school {I still love it, just don't chew it as much} so just looking at it brings back memories!

  2. That is cute. Thinking about Extra takes me back to the 80's when I was in Biology class. My lab partner always had Extra. Memories…

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