Less is More: Quick and Easy Ways to Give Your Home a Minimalist Look

The concept of less being more in the world of interior design is becoming more and more popular these days. Because of its increasing popularity, you don’t have to look through tons of magazines or scour through tons of websites for inspiration. Homes with this type of design style often times look so clean and untouched that it can be hard to tell if it’s a home that’s lived in on a daily basis!

What I want you to do now is to stop what you’re doing and look around your entire home, do a walkthrough if you must. Observe the pictures on your walls, the knick-knacks sitting on tabletops and your coffee and end tables. Now, ask yourself if you could get rid of half of those items. Are those items things that you need, or items you can’t bear to get rid of? Well, minimalism is exactly that! It will certainly have you exercising self-control and restraint, so be sure to do your research on minimalist decor, and see if it is true for you. If you have noticed yourself taking a liking to the minimalist design style, and indeed want to convert, then it can absolutely be made apparent in your home with knowing the basics of minimalism. Read on to find out some of the in your home.

Keep a Basic and Neutral Color Palette

One of the main characteristics of a minimalist home is the color palette. The colors found in a minimalist home are neutral, creating a clean look. Typically, the color palette is also monochromatic, but if you want to step away from the tradition of minimalism just a tad bit, then you can step on the warmer side of the color spectrum.

Because your living space will be comprised mostly of neutral colors, you definitely want to prevent the room from looking so monotonous and boring. With that in mind, that gives you the perfect opportunity to utilize the 60/30/10 Rule. What is this rule, you ask? Well, the 60 represents the primary color for the room. The 30 represents the secondary color that coordinates with the primary color. The 10 represents the color that will be used for accents in the home.

Throw a Little Greenery in the Mix

A misconception that people tend to have with minimalist decor is that there is no room for accessories. Yes, one of the character traits of a minimalist home is that it’s clutter-free, but the key is moderation. You can have accessories in a minimalist home, but not too many accessories because it will then turn into clutter.

A great accessory to add to your minimalist home is greenery. Your greenery can come in the form of live plants or silk plants. Live plants are preferred but if you know you wouldn’t be a good plant parent, the would be silk plants.

The great thing about these type of plants is that they require little to no maintenance other than a good cleaning every now and then! A lot of silk plants are crafted so beautifully that it’s sometimes hard to tell if they’re even real! Silk plants are a home accessory that really fits any design style whether it’s minimalist or traditional.

Keep a Furniture Focus

While making your furniture be your focus, you want to also keep your neutral color palette in mind as well. For your furniture, you want to choose furniture that is simple, made from natural materials, and displays clean lines.

For your living room, you want your eyes to be drawn to your big furniture pieces such as couches, chairs, and coffee and end tables. With a minimalist design style, you definitely want to invest in pieces that are high in quality. Even for your bedroom, you want your bed to be reflective of minimalism, and choose to go along with the 60/30/10 Rule of the variations of neutral colors.

Storage is Essential

For a home that’s being lived in, storage is essential. As we all know, clutter is the ultimate enemy to a minimalist home, and a minimalist home will have all sorts of storage in the forms of closets, cabinets, drawers, and shelving. The goal is to have all “everyday clutter” out of sight!

Although the design style is minimal, that doesn’t take away from the beauty of the home. The storage units in these homes are still stylish and still conceal personal and home items. There are beds with drawers on the side of the bed, and there are even homes with custom-made pantry doors to conceal the refrigerator!

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