Gevalia or Starbucks? You Decide…Others Have See What They Think {Giveaway}

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Did you know that based on a national taste test1 of Gevalia House Blend and Starbucks House Blend conducted by an independent third party, that 59.7% of coffee drinkers preferred the taste of Gevalia House Blend over Starbucks House Blend?

Have you tried and compared?

I was given the opportunity to try the Gevalia House Blend for morning coffee at Blissdom.  While I missed seeing Johan the Swede who you might recognize in the Gevalia ads due to another meeting I had, I didn’t miss out on grab a full cup of joe from the Gevalia tables set up in the main conference room just before the key note speaker address that morning.

So what did I think?  I sure did like the taste of it.  It’s a nice medium/dark roast that isn’t bitter and is the perfect start to my morning.  I like that I can buy it on my local grocery shelves too – years ago I actually was part of the Gevalia mail order program before you could buy it in the retail market.

So I’ll let you decide on your own whether you prefer the taste of Gevalia House Blend over Starbucks House Blend – and I’ll even send one of my readers a bag of the Gevalia House Blend coffee to get them started on their own taste test.

1The taste test was conducted in 30 national markets among approximately 300 randomly selected male and female adult coffee drinkers, 18 years of age or older. Qualified participants drank at least 1 cup of caffeinated coffee that had been prepared at home in the past seven days. Products were presented to participants unbranded and the order of trial was rotated to minimize position bias. 

I received a sample of Gevalia from Kraft Foods. The giveaway bag was also supplied by Kraft Foods. 

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