Get Your Game On With Monopoly zAPPed Edition

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Our family loves playing games together. We have countless versions of the Monopoly game taking space up on our shelves. We just added one more to the pile with Monopoly zAPPed Edition.

Did you see the awesome play on words Hasbro did there on the zAPPed part, yes they’ve come up with something equal (and in my opinion even greater) than the Monopoly Electronic Banking Edition, a Monopoly that you can play with your iDevice.

Last night Amber and I played a game of Monopoly zAPPed Edition together, and the two of us raved about how fun it was to my husband! This is a PERFECT gift for anyone who loves playing board games and owns an iPhone, iTouch or iPad!

Monopoly zAPPed will be available this summer at mass merchandise retailers nationwide for $29.99, the app to download from iTunes to play it with is free.

It’s definitely worth it. We had plenty of smiles while playing it. We thought the most fun part was the MINI GAMES you play to get out of jail and in the Chance and Community Chest cards!

The instructions are simple to follow to set the game up and begin playing.

Since all your funds are handled with a bank card and the app, even little children can play along. I’m glad about that even as an adult, because I always find counting out the money in Monopoly takes so much time.

For more information on Monopoly zAPPed Edition and to check out other games from Hasbro head to their website here:

* In order to help me out on this post, I received a media sample from the brand. All opinions are my own.

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