Funny Signs I Saw on Vacation

It started with one…really that’s all it was, the first picture you’ll see – and I had to take a picture of it, and then, well the signs seemed to be everywhere, and I knew they would make a great blog post so here you have it the Funny Signs I Saw on my 2011 Vacation – these were taken in a variety of locations including, Steveston, BC; Carcross, Yukon; and Juneau, AK.

And my personal favorite… Widgets

19 thoughts on “Funny Signs I Saw on Vacation

  1. Love the bottom one.. everyone argues who's turn to put another roll of toilet paper on the roller.. thanks for sharing

  2. Changing the TP will not cause brain damage but may cause carpal tunnel. My mom at one point put this in the bathroom and that's what I wrote back…Didn't go over well.

  3. lol after I read the last one I took a look at the ad on the right, happened to be a charmin ad. 😀 coincidence?

  4. I found this on StumbleUpon, and I have the bottom one in my downstairs bathroom… Of course, my parents put it there…

  5. I saw this and laughed, I live in the Yukon, Whitehorse to be exact. And this definatly is the sense of humour that is prevelant up here.

  6. Haha, I really like the first one. A lot of signs are just Photoshop'd, but nah. These are great!

  7. The last one is the best! Some people still think that changing the toilet paper causes brain damage…

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