Fun Valentine’s Day Ideas from Gemmy

If you’re planning to show your love in a fun way for Valentine’s Day, here are some adorable ideas from Gemmy!

For anyone with a foodie friend who’s a bacon addict (who isn’t?, right?!), Gemmy has a fun gift — “Bacon and Egg” Plush Pals.

And as if that isn’t cute enough, they sing and dance to the tune of “Happy Together. You can find this fun plush Valentine for $14.99 at all ALBERTSON’S stores in the U. S. and Canada.

Or how about something for dog lovers?

The “Dancing Doggie Valentine,” available at Walmart for $14.97 is ‘doggone cute!’ The adorable plush puppy dances to Usher’s SCREAM, and is sure to bring a smile to your Valentine’s face.

Gemmy Industries is the premier trendsetter in the areas of entertainment technology, decorating solutions, and animatronics, continuing on in their role as an industry leader and innovator.

You can find more Valentine Gift Ideas and where to purchase them on Gemmy’s website.

This post has been sponsored by Gemmy.

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