Fun Spring and Summer Shoes from Famous Footwear #MyVictory

Famous Footwear awesomely sponsored this post – they supplied gift cards which partially covered what I purchased and I thank them for it!

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The weather this year is not what I had planned!  Last year right about this time on the calendar it was warm (like it’s supposed to be!).  This year…the day I’m writing this post…we still have snow on the ground!  I wasn’t overly impressed with the weather that greeted me in Dallas at Blissdom – but even that was better then this April in South Dakota.

The wintery mix we’ve encountered lately made me feel the need to get a rockin’ pair of shoes to help me feel summer is actually coming.  One of my favorite stores to shop for shoes at is Famous Footwear because they have a super selection of shoes and their prices are affordable.

So I headed to one of my local stores with my family in tow (lucky them, right?!), to check out some of their styles.  While I was there I snapped some pictures of some great shoes from name brands that are on the shelves of Famous Footwear this season.

You may have seen these cute Roxy Brody II Tan Dots shoes on some other blogs this spring.  And they really are a nice shoe.  But since I didn’t want to succumb to peer pressure and get a pair that my blogger friends are wearing , I went on to look for something else.

I love these Crocs.

I have a lot of Crocs in my closet though, so I figured I should go with something else this time around.  Famous Footwear has a TON of styles and colors of Crocs though, not just for women, but for children and men too.

I didn’t buy these Asics, but the colors on these running shoes were just too fun not to show you!

Famous Footwear has so many quality brands at great prices like Skechers.

These Steve Madden wedges would add a few inches to my height!

But maybe if I put on some flip flops, Spring might get the hint?

Here’s an awesome perk – if you text “FAMOUS” to FAMOUS (326687) you’ll save 10% when you buy three or more pairs of shoes at Famous Footwear.  (I totally took advantage of that offer.)

I actually went to Famous Footwear with the intent of buying myself A pair of shoes.  Ironically we left the store with my husband getting a pair as well (we won’t mention the fact that I got not just one pair but 3 pairs of shoes…)

So here are the Skechers my husband ended up walking out with.

And I picked up these three pair:

Yes some flip flops (Come Spring, Come!)

Some Nike Running Shoes (which incidentally were on the clearance rack for just $10!!)

And a trendy pair of Converse Sneakers.

The running shoes and sneakers I actually picked up in the kids section – sometimes it’s nice to have tiny feet!

Take a peek at Famous Footwear’s Spring Look Book.  I would love to know what your favorite shoes of the season are!

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