Fun Family Vacation Activities Your Kids Will Love

Here is another installment of a collection of blog posts from TwitterMoms.  This time around they want bloggers to share five fun family vacation activities that our kids love.  You can see more activities from bloggers where they are posting their links on this TwitterMoms discussion page.

1. Amber’s very favorite activities revolve around that Mouse that hangs out in Florida (sometimes California too I’ve heard!)  He also commandeers a couple of ships that we find ourselves on every year.  Cruise ships are her favorite place to vacation.  Not only do the ships have an amazing amount of activities for the kids, but getting to visit and experience the sights, smells and sounds of the different ports you get to visit is fun and educational!

2.  Another thing that Amber thinks is the bomb when we take vacations (do people still use that phrase?! lol!), is going Go-Karting.  Last summer was the first time she hit the height limit to go on her own.  Being able to race around a track in a motorized vehicle, by herself, priceless.

3.  Zoos.  We live in a small city.  We do have a zoo, but like our city it’s small.  A larger city that isn’t that far away from us, has a Zoo that is an incredible place to visit.  Amber especially likes spending time in the Rainforest there and watching the gorillas hang out.

4. Dinner shows.  These dinner shows are so much fun.  Where else can you eat with your hands and not get in trouble?  The show is spectacular, and small and big kids a like will be enthralled by the show.  If your daughter is lucky, she might even get chosen to be the Queen of Love and Beauty, like Amber was!

5. Visiting a mint.  If you ever get a chance to visit a mint (where they make currency), you must.  It is a very neat thing to see.  The city in Canada we used to live in makes coins for countries all over the world.  We took Amber to see how they are made when we went to visit family one time.  She even got to lift this gold bar.

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2 thoughts on “Fun Family Vacation Activities Your Kids Will Love

  1. These are fun ideas! We don't have a zoo or aquarium in our town, so it is a big treat to go.

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