Fuller Brush Company Premium Floor Care vs. Glitter – Give Away

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I love Christmas time.  I love decorating for it.  I love my Christmas tree, and I especially love my ‘candy garland’ strands that adorn it each year.

What I DON’T love is the glitter those very same candy garlands leave all over my floors.

Yep from December to June we drag that glitter from one room to the next on the soles of our slippers, socks and feet.  Why oh why does glitter need to cling so furiously?

Fortuitously, Fuller Brush Company sent me a bottle of their Premium Floor Care in the mail last week.  Now I don’t consider mopping floors a fun thing to do on a Monday afternoon, but it needed to be done.  So I did.

In full disclosure (and a little embarrassment) I will tell you that this floor WAS vacuumed before it was mopped.  But this shows you just how stubborn that glitter can be (okay, those of you with daughters that love to get dressed up in glitter tutus know exactly what I’m saying). 

I wiped down the tile just along the edge of the wall with my hand after squirting on the Premium Floor Care – ugh…(yeah there was dust and hair on it too, that happens).

The glitter isn’t all gone yet, even Fuller Brush Company’s Premium Floor Care is finding an adversary in it.  But I presume that I may be glitter free by March with a few more moppings, and that is definitely better than June.

Nice perks to this product: no extra rinsing needed and even after applying directly to the tile in a random fashion the grout was not stained nor darkened.


Fuller Brush Co. is going to give one reader, their own bottle of Original Premium Floor Care to try for themselves.

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