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We saw a trailer for this new Disney movie coming out October 5th. It is done by Tim Burton, who is very well known for his somewhat “macabre” creativity when it comes to directing.

What seems to make this stop-motion animated film unique is that it was filmed in black and white and rendered in 3D. I wasn’t sure when we saw the trailer if the black and white was just a “marketing” gimmick, but it looks like it wasn’t. I’m interested in seeing how that will go over with the young’uns.

As you can probably guess by the name of the movie ‘Frankenweenie’ is inspired by the Frankenstein tale. Young Victor harnesses the power of science to bring his dead dog Sparky back to life after a fatal accident….oh uh…you knew it was coming though, it’s never as easy as that, and Victor has to face some unintended consequences when Sparky gets out after the “experiment”.

Interestingly enough Frankenweenie was first directed as a live-action short by Tim Burton in 1984. He had envisioned it as it is being released now in 2012, but budget constraints at the time didn’t allow for that.

You can learn more and “Like” FRANKENWEENIE on Facebook:

So what do you think folks…yay or nay?

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