Four Considerations For Creating The Perfect Home Office

Many of us have started working from home recently and have found it beneficial. So, it’s no surprise that home offices are on the rise. And there are lots of ways to set up an office in a family home. With different needs and requirements, as well as tastes and styles, there’s so much to consider. Here’s just a few things you may wish to think about:

Installing a practical floor

A practical floor is something that many of us want in our home offices. Something that is durable and robust, to withstand wear and tear from chairs and feet around the desk area. And of course, something that is easy to keep clean.

DIYers may already know or tiles, so may choose this type of flooring to keep costs down. But wooden floors and luxury vinyl can be good options too.

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Keeping it light and bright

A light and bright room is another thing that many of us want for our home office. After all, spending hours in front of a computer screen, reading files or making notes, can be hard on the eyes.

So, it may be worth thinking about how you can maximize the natural light flowing into your home office. Making sure windows aren’t blocked, adding skylights, or switching solid doors for glazed ones.

Finding the right desk and chair

Being comfortable during work hours is often dependent on having the right desk and chair. So, it may be wise to take some time trying out different types of desks and chairs before buying.

Some office chairs are more adjustable than others, and some have more cushioning or lumbar support. So, it’s probably worth trying a few so you can see what’s most comfortable. And of course, it will need to work with your choice of desk. Desks also come in a huge range of sizes and styles. So, perhaps think about the height of the desk and how much surface space you require.

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Creating enough storage space

Having ample storage can help to keep your work life organized and stop it from encroaching on other parts of the family home. And few of us like to work in a messy environment.

Again, there are lots of options available, and what you go for will depend on how much space you have and your requirements. Larger options could include filing cabinets, shelving units and bookcases. Whilst more compact storage could include box files, stackable trays and expanding files. Thankfully, many of these come in a range of colors and styles, so you don’t have to stick to conventional office storage.

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  1. Just updated my home office with a new desk and comfy chair. Oh and a basket of dog treats for my head of security.

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