Fotor, An Online Photo Editor That Offers A Lot

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Back in 2014 I did a review for the web based Fotor online photo editor site.  Recently Fotor once again asked me to test out their new and improved site and review it.

Fotor offers two levels of service a free level and a Pro level.  The Pro level offers extra features and filters and you do have to pay an annual fee for it.  That being said the free version is robust and doesn’t lack for creative photo editing options.

Let’s take a closer look at what the ‘new’ Fotor offers:

One of the best new features that Fotor has is being able to save your work in the cloud.  If you need to stop editing for whatever reason, or want to resume at a different time you don’t have to start all over again.  Since it’s all synced up in your account, you have easy access to your designs anywhere you go.  Start at home, finish at the coffee shop!

Fotor now Supports HD PDF files for printing and sharing.  Designing a flyer for  a business or group?  Need to print invitations for a party or gala?  Fotor can help you with that.  With their variety of beautiful fonts, stickers, and templates there is not limit to what you can create.

More editing flexibility and capabilities in ‘Design and Collage’ means that you can make your photos look stunning!  Take a look at this photo I edited with Fotor from my trip to Disneyland a few weeks ago.  This is the original photo taken with my iPhone 6S.  The sun was just going down and people were already staking out spots for the evening fireworks.  I really wanted to get a great picture of the iconic Ferris Wheel on Paradise Pier in Disneyland’s California Adventure Park.  Look and see how Fotor helped me with that.

I played around with some of the very cool features and filter options at first.  Like this Color Splash, making the photo black and white and then just highlighting the inner portion of the wheel with Mickey’s face.

Fun overlays like ‘Pixie Dust” can make your photo unique (it’s Disneyland!  Pixie Dust is a must!)

But in the end I used a few of the other filters, sharpening up the photo itself and then adding a bit of an extra oomph to the sunset glow that my camera just couldn’t capture.

And when you’re done editing you can share it directly on your social networks too!

Take a look at how I enhanced this photo!  This was taken after dark on the Storybook Land Canal Boats.  We were on the ride just as the fireworks were starting so they let us stay out on the canal to watch them.  The imagery of the light arches reflected on the water and Jasmine’s Agrabah palace lit up on the right bank is beautiful! This is how Fotor helps me look like a better photographer!

Editing and designing have never been so easy at Fotor! Editing is easier and it has Advanced HTML5 technology for faster speed. With all new features, and access to your work anytime anywhere! Plus Fotor allows you to print your work with the highest quality possible. Be one of the first to try out the New Fotor for your editing and creative needs!

What kind of projects would you use Fotor for?

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