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In March of 2013 I bought my first ‘real’ camera.  One with interchangeable lenses.  With settings that were a bit intimidating and with an array of features that I still don’t know what some of them do.  But without a doubt even in auto mode the camera takes way better pictures than my point and shoot did.  Some of that is simply because the lens I use is better, but a lot of it is because I’ve been teaching myself through books and short online courses on how to take better photos.

I think it would be rare that any photographer, amateur or professional, doesn’t consider editing through software as part of what makes their photos shine.  Whether it’s adding highlights or deepening shadows, adding a sun flare or just making things simpler by editing in batches, editing photos through software can make a big difference in the final photo.

This is a sponsored post on behalf of Fotor.  All thoughts and opinions are my own.

One can purchase pricey software to do that, but there are some free online photo editing options out there and one of them is Fotor.  The great thing about Fotor is it’s available for many operating systems.  Mobile apps for iOS, Android and Windows Phones.  You can use it right through their website.  I have it on my desktop Mac, and it’s available for Windows as well.

For this blog post I used the online software to show you how you can edit a photo.  I really like the feature of Before and After so you can see side by side the changes you’ve made.  With A LOT of editing choices you can probably achieve most anything you’re trying to with your picture.  Here I edited a picture that I took in the Perot Museum of a Gold Nugget.

For a free app (you just need to register to get the premium features) – it has most of the features that you would pay for on other photo editing sites.  Levels, curves, sharpness, stickers, fonts, tilt-shift, webcam effects, photo montages,  – you name it is has it.  And it’s easy to use (in all formats whether you’re using the mobile apps, the downloaded software to your computer or the online site).

Some of the other great features that Fotor offers are:



Cover photos for sites like Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and more!

I used photo editing a lot for my blog and last year I paid a fee to use the premium features of a different site.  I’m so glad that I found Fotor though because now I can do all of the same things I can do on the other site…but for FREE!  And since they have the online option and mobile apps, plus I have it on my Mac, I can edit and enhance my photos anywhere on any platform!

Check Fotor out at their website and give it a try – I bet you’ll think it’s as fun and useful as I do.

12 thoughts on “Fotor – Free Apps for Photo Editing

  1. I have used this a few times, it works pretty good and I love it is Free! I struggle with navigating the site, it is a little difficult but over time I have got more used to it.

  2. I have this on my phone but haven't even opened it to play. I LOVE that before/after feature though. That's enough to make me play!

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