Fixing a KitchenAid Speed Control Knob with Sugru

All y’all!  I know you are busy, busy doing ALL the homemaking things right now.  Busting out the sewing machine and mixers, making masks and baking bread.  Yep, me too.  And if you have a KitchenAid Stand Mixer like me, you may also be missing your speed control knob because it broke (insert sad face here!).  

fixing a kitchenaid speed control knob

It is strange to me that KitchenAid doesn’t sell it as a replacement part since after Googling, it seems to be a common problem.  You have to buy the whole lever if you want the OEM part, and then take your mixer apart to replace it. I don’t need the lever, just the knob!

But let me rewind a bit, to last month when our quarantine days were just beginning (was it only a month ago?! Seems SO much longer, but I digress).  I got an e-mail from a company called Sugru.

Sugru is an innovative moldable glue that sticks to almost anything and turns into a strong flexible rubber overnight.  Invented for people looking to repair and improve the things around them (hold that thought…), it’s used by people in over 175 countries – from homeowners planning DIY projects through to people making small improvements to gadgets, appliances and even toys.

Created by a young product designer, Sugru is made to stick to as many materials as possible forming a strong bond to aluminum, steel, ceramics, glass, wood and other materials including some plastics and rubbers.

At first I read the e-mail, thought “cool product, but don’t think I really have anything to use it for,” archived e-mail and went on with my day.  And then I went to grab my KitchenAid to shred some beef, fiddled with my speed control because NO KNOB.  Epiphany!!  I needed to dig that e-mail back out because Sugru might solve the problem of getting a knob back on my mixer.


Seriously it’s just this easy.  Buy some Sugru.  

Open the package of the color you want.  Mold it to whatever shape and surface you want.  You have 30 minutes to accomplish your task.  

fixing a KitchenAid Speed Control Knob

Sugru cures on exposure to air and turns into strong, flexible and tactile rubber overnight.

Voila!  You just finished fixing a KitchenAid Speed Control Knob in an affordable and effective way.  The cost can be as little as $2.00! (Based on opening one package in a multi pack).

fixing a kitchenaid speed control knob

I’m fairly certain you’ll find other places to use Sugru in your home.  I’m already hunting for what I can fix with it next!

You can find Sugru on as well as learn more about it on their website.

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