Fire Station Buddies: The Pact – Book Giveaway

The adolescent crowd and their parents love “Fire Station Buddies: The Pact” by Karen McHale. It’s the story of a group of animals that long ago made a pact with firefighters to help fight wildfires.

Only Fire Buddies Can Know the Secret—

The secret is out about an elite team of wild animals that help fire fighters do their jobs.  Could it be real? Is there a cover up to keep these animals a secret?

With summer vacation just weeks away, Jordan and his friends are eager to finish the fifth grade.  But first, they have one final report to write – about the new fire station in their quiet little Colorado town.  Nothing could be more boring. 

But when they check out the old fire station scheduled to be torn down, they discover clues that seem to indicate that somewhere in the mountains there is a group of talking animals that have been secretly helping fight fires. As they try to dig up the truth, they are torn between believing they have stumbled upon an amazing secret and the possibility that it is all one big hoax.

They’d better figure it out soon because their lives may depend on it.

As they read this book, or the family reads it together, youngsters learn about safety.
You can order “Fire Station Buddies” for just $9.95 at Proceeds benefit volunteer fire stations across the country.
Two readers will get the chance to win a copy of Fire Station Buddies: The Pact.
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Disclaimer: Fire Station Buddies Inc. is providing the giveaway copies for this post.

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