Find 50%+ Off Coupons Only at Verified.Codes

This is a sponsored post, but all opinions are my own.Everyone who knows me well, knows that I can sniff out bargains like they have peromones that call out to me!  While I used to love shopping from morning until supper time, these days I find myself usually only going to the store when I actually need something.  Truth be told, I really prefer shopping in my pjs 🙂  But I don’t want to sacrifice price for the convenience of not leaving my home. 

That’s why I’m glad I found out about Verified Codes.

The 50%+ off page is worth checking out, because you never know what you might find.  And who doesn’t want to find a bargain at 50% off or more?!  They even have a daily e-mail that lists their new 50%+ off coupons and deals.  With over 25,000 online retailers and a database that is updated every 15 minutes, if there’s a code or deal for it, you’ll probably find it on their site.

How many times have you gone to an online coupon website, looked for a code found one, then spent 30 to 45 minutes shopping and putting things in your cart, only to check out putting the code in the box and getting the message “I’m sorry this code is invalid.”  Or expired, or a one time use code that’s already been used, or…well you know what I’m talking about I’m sure.

That’s my favorite part of Verified Codes.  It’s all in their name.  VERIFIED CODES.  They verify all coupons before they are put on the site, and when they are expired they are removed.  Should you happen to find the anomaly of a coupon or deal that doesn’t work, if you click the thumbs down button some one will be alerted to it.  They also work directly with large online brands to offer exclusive, brand-verified coupon codes.

So if you’re doing some online shopping soon, check out Verified Codes before you check out, because you never know what you might save!  (Psst…  they also have printable coupons that you can use at brick & mortar stores and can search for by state.)

Are you a coupon user?  Have you used the Verified Codes site before?

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