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Well my husband, unlike a lot, is not big into sports so a lot of the dad themed gifts on offer just don’t appeal to him.  He LOVES anything to do with food though, so is an easy place to do some shopping for Father’s Day Gifts. has created a brand new offering for Father’s Day 2015: Pops’ Top Popcorn Picks Tin. It’s a masculine, plain tin of popcorn (yes, it’s free of all froufrou).But it’s a delectable gift, as it features the three top popcorn flavors chosen by (and for) Dads over the past year at hickory maple bacon, honey mustard and buffalo. Bacon is one of my husband’s fave flavors, so I knew this would be a hit with him.  But with a whopping 92 popcorn flavors offered by the company, if the dad you know and love has a different flavor near and dear to his taste buds, I bet you can find a Popcorn Tin that will suit him to a tee!Then there’s my dad.  He’s more about a yummy BBQ in the backyard with burgers on the grill.  Again, has me covered in getting a perfect gift for him.  The Barbecue Boss Grilling BBQ Gift Basket. This impressive gift basket is comprised of the best grilling products, like authentic fiery sauces and deliciously zesty rubs, supplying dad with everything he needs to make favorite foods better than ever. Father's Day GiftsFather's Day GiftsPlus the more industrial looking basket is something he can store his remotes or favorite magazines in long after the food stuffs are gone. I think the basket will be his favorite gift this year!

Beyond the popcorn and BBQ picks, here are a few other hot items from for Father’s Day 2015:

Celebrate Dad Berries — Extra Large Strawberries Hand-Dipped In Belgian Chocolate, $69.99.

And for the beer-loving Dad, this year, there’s the Cigars and Beers For Dad Bucket — with three Torpedo Barber Cigars in a cedar case, a high-end cigar cutter, and beers from around the world. It’s $199.99.

There are dozens of other offerings on the site, ranging from 25 flavors of cheesecake to Dad’s Day Towers, so if you’d see the full range of featured Father’s Day Gifts, click here.

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  1. I think this is such a great idea…. and I’m going to get my dad and granddad the popcorn They love popcorn!

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