Father’s Day Gift Guide for the Dad Who Appreciates Craftsmanship

Do you want 2022 to be the year Dad remembers the Father’s Day Gift you gave him?  Well we want that for you too!

June 19th is a special day to appreciate the guy who is always there for you. It is a time to show your gratitude for all that he has done over the years. There are a variety of gifts you could purchase, but sometimes our budget determines what we can get.  Traditional gifts are often a shirt or tie.  Something unique might be a rare book or a vintage collectible.  Whatever present you decide to get for your dad remember to hone in on his interests so that he recognizes you are truly showing him your love.

We have polled a few dads in our lives and asked about what they might appreciate for Father’s Day and are sharing those ideas with you.  If you choose to get your dad one of them… well we won’t tell that you had a little help 😉


Grand Seiko Watch

While smartwatches may be what all the cool kids are wearing these days there is still room for traditional watches, and many people prefer the look of an analog watch over that of a smartwatch.

When it comes to finding the perfect gift for someone who appreciates craftsmanship look no further than a .  If you’re new to Seiko, here’s some news for you: Seiko is Japan’s premier watchmaker.

Every Grand Seiko watch is made precisely by hand and then inspected via the in-depth Grand Seiko Test.  The collection is varied and includes styles from classic dress watches to professional diving watches.

Sportsman Field Hat

Has Dad been wanting a Field Hat, but has putting it off for years?

With classic design and rugged materials to withstand time and the elements, Tom Beckbe is the way to go if you’re looking to get your father one of these.


Brew Shucker

Wait What?!  If you know, you know.  An oyster knife and bottle opener in one, this is for the Dads who are King of the oyster roasts but are still opening their beers on the side of the picnic table.  Check out the OG of the idea at Middleton Made Knives.


Dopp Kit

Really it’s just a toiletry bag, but Dopp Kit sounds much cooler for a Dad, am I right?   One with craftsmanship is going to be made of leather or have water-resistant waxed canvas.  Make it even more special by having Dad’s monogram put on it.  If you’re looking for a leather one, Portland Leather has a variety of leather colors to choose from.


Dad’s teach us so much over the course of our lives, and so it’s appropriate when we give them gifts that also last a lifetime.  Quality made products with craftsmanship will give him joy for many years.  It’s possible that those gifts could even be passed down to you and your children!  What a memory that could be for generations to come.

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