How to Look Fantastic with a Bold Unnatural Hair Colour

According to and , bold and unnatural hair colours will remain among the top trends for hair styles in 2019. However, if you want to embrace this particular trend, you’ll need to go about it wisely. Rocking this look isn’t easy, but if you choose the right colour, care for it correctly, and develop a style to complement it, you’ll be stunning.

unnatural hair colour

3 Tips on How to Rock an Unnatural Hair Colour in 2019

1.     Choose the right colour for you

The most important thing you need to do in order to look fantastic with an unnatural hair colour is to pick the one that suits you perfectly. This kind of hairstyle will make a statement and draw a lot of attention to you. Therefore, you need to be sure that it complements your natural beauty.

To pick the right colour from the bold palette you have to consider your natural skin, hair, and eye colours. Are you a ? If you are closer to warm, you should consider yellow, red, gold, and all their shades. If you are ‘cold’, your colours are blue, green, and purple. Collection of the most popular bold colours at can show you exactly what options you have with dyes available today. As there are many brands of hair dye available today, you’ll be able to find the perfect one for you.

2.     Develop a style to go with the hair

Once you’ve settled your heart on a hair colour that will complement you, make sure that the rest of your look will match up. This might mean updating your wardrobe and makeup collection. With your hair so daring, your appearance must be impeccable at all times. This means that you can’t afford to have your outfit or lipstick to clash with your tresses.

It will be best to have one piece of clothing or an accessory to match your hair colour. As to the makeup, go easy on it. In fact, the no-makeup look will be a fantastic choice because you shouldn’t risk going overboard. A touch of mascara and some nude lipstick is all you’ll need to complete your look.

3.     Care for your colour well

The biggest problem with dying your hair in unnatural colours is that those don’t last. And they wash away gradually, losing brightness and sometimes even changing dramatically. For example, blue hair might wash away into seafoam-green while platinum and snow-white colours will start to turn yellow rather fast.

These changes in colours mean that your meticulously planned look won’t be a perfect anymore. However, treating your hair every week isn’t an option. Therefore, you need to do your best to make the colour last.

To achieve this, you need to invest in top-quality hair dye from the start. You also need to get professional bleaching treatment to prep your locks for the bold colour. Next, use a specialized shampoo and conditioner for coloured hair. If possible, find a tinted variety that will liven up the colour. For example, if you go for white or platinum blonde, you’ll need to get a purple shampoo to counteract the natural yellowing of bleached hair.

You also need to cut down on the frequency of shampooing as well as avoid pools and beaches. Use an SPF spray for your hair and cover it with a hat or scarf if you plan to spend a lot of time outdoors. UV radiation damages hair and destroys dye pigments fast ().

Skip all haircare products that contain oils and sulfates. This includes styling products as well. In fact, you should avoid styling whenever possible and let your locks air-dry to reduce heat damage to unstable pigments.

Follow these simple rules and you’ll look amazing with your unnatural hair and be able to avoid damaging it excessively with the treatment.

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  1. Unnatural hair color looks great on some people. I have seen some pretty cool hair colors. I have also seen some bad jobs done too. Great post.

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