Fannie May Berries Product Review and Give Away

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Thanksgiving week is always filled with celebrating around our home, not just because of Thanksgiving, but my birthday is November 23rd, so it always lands sometime during that Thanksgiving week. Sometimes though if we are very busy, birthday celebrations get pushed aside, but usually that’s okay with me because I’ll take the ‘holiday flavors’ over birthday cake any day.

This year I was blessed to receive a scrumptious box of Fannie May Berries to indulge in for my birthday, and I didn’t even share them!

For nearly a century, Fannie May Chocolates has been bringing you the finest gourmet chocolates, fudge, and candies that have kept us as your favorite traditional chocolate store. Fannie May Berries can be ordered and in the customers’ home within 24 hours and includes large, luscious berries that are hand dipped in 100% rich, smooth, Fannie May chocolate.

Fannie May Berries includes hand crafted indulgent flavor combinations including Sea Salt Milk Chocolate Caramel, Pink & White Champagne, Toasted Coconut & White Chocolate (Trinidad©), Milk Chocolate Caramel & Nuts (Pixies©) and Holiday flavors—Dark Chocolate Gingerbread, Candy Cane and Eggnog.

So I said I prefer the “holiday flavors” over birthday cake, what exactly did I mean by that. I’m a sucker for the tastes of the holidays, for things like gingerbread, egg nog, pumpkin pie, apple cider, things like that. I LOVE this time of year because of that. So imagine my delight to receive a box of Holiday Chocolate Dipped Strawberries!

Each deliciously fresh strawberry celebrates the season’s most decadent flavors (msrp $59.99)Hand-dipped in rich, real chocolate, the 12 festive strawberries come covered in:

(3) Enticing, caramel-infused milk chocolate & crunchy pecans
(3) Tasty eggnog white chocolate
(3) Deluxe dark chocolate & spicy-sweet gingerbread
(3) Decadent white chocolate with candy cane bits

I cannot express in words how delicious these berries were. Look at how fresh they arrived.

And how thick the chocolate coating was on each one.

Take a look at the pecan coating! No thriftiness here!

My favorite without a doubt was the Egg Nog White Chocolate flavor, but they are all fantastic tasting. Paired with a glass of wine…well this was the best birthday treat I’ve had in a long time!

If you know someone who appreciates a good indulgence and fine food, then Fannie May Berries would make a fabulous holiday gift…or just order a box for yourself, you’re worth it!

To learn more about Fannie May Berries check out their website or connect with them on Facebook.

I received a media sample of Fannie May Berries, all opinions are my own. Published by Tammy Litke.


One winner will receive a 6 piece box of Holiday Chocolate Dipped Strawberries (msrp $34.99).

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116 thoughts on “Fannie May Berries Product Review and Give Away

  1. The Eggnog flavored white chocolate would be my pick.
    Thanks so much.
    Happy Holidays 🙂

  2. Definitely the Deluxe dark chocolate & spicy-sweet gingerbread would be my first choice. Thanks!

  3. I think I would really like the Trinidads, but the "Enticing, caramel-infused milk chocolate & crunchy pecans" variety as you so vividly described also sound delicious.

  4. I would like Decadent white chocolate with candy cane bits.

    janetfaye (at) gmail (dot) com

  5. I think I would like the Dark Chocolate and Gingerbread best. But I'd love to try them all and find out!

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