Family Finest Pizza Kits

With our daughter back home for the summer, I’m finding that I’m purchasing more convenience foods again.  She hasn’t quite broken out of that “college dorm” mentality yet, and is still staying up until 3 AM and sleeping until 11 AM if she doesn’t have to work or nothing is going on the next day.  That also means she’s eating at 11 PM or midnight, like they did in the student lounge.
I’ve learned to pick my battles with the girl, and this is one that is not worth fighting, so I’m trying to find a variety of items to satiate her late night gaming appetite.I was recently introduced to Family Finest’s Make-N-Bake Pizza Kits.  They’ve been making pizza, breadsticks and cookies since 1959!
We decided to make them for dinner the other day, and although we made all four at once, they are packaged so that you can make just one at a time and still keep the freshness of the products.  Each pizza crust comes in a sealed package.  There is sauce packaged individually for each crust, and the pepperoni and cheese come in resealable pouches.Kids can easily make this on their own with parents doing the final step of baking them in the oven.  Putting it together is the fun part of pizza night!
The kits are affordable, at our local Walmart I purchased one for $5.46.
We thought these mini pizzas were pretty tasty.  We were a little disappointed in the amount of pepperoni included.  Maybe it’s based on weight making it random, but we received 14 pieces.  Which isn’t enough for four slices on each pizza, so it would have made more sense to either have 12 or 16, I can see parents needing to halve the two extras to make things ‘fair.’  That being said, THE CHEESE!  SO MUCH CHEESE!  Which we were extremely surprised by.  And it’s 100% real cheese too.  That made the lack of the two extra slices of pepperoni a minor inconvenience, because there was more than enough cheese to go around.  You can’t even see the pepperoni on our pizzas for all the cheese, because we had enough cheese to load even more on top! There was an extra pizza leftover after our dinner meal, and no surprise here, it was consumed by our daughter, during a late night gaming round of League of Legends.  She is not a crust eater, but this one she ate the entire thing.  Really, she’s not talking about unicorns when she proclaimed about the crust when biting into her first pizza “It’s So Fluffy!”  She compared the texture to breadsticks.  I can see her and her roommates purchasing these Family Finest Make-N-Bake Pizza kits next year to have on hand for their late night forays into the kitchen.
You’ll find the Family Finest Pizza Kits in the dairy aisle.  In addition to the Make-N-Bake Pizza kits, Family Finest also has Cookie kits – a perfect dessert to add to a Pizza Night using these kits at home.  Interested in trying them out?  You can save $1.00 with the coupon on Facebook.

I received media coupons for the purpose of this post.  All opinions expressed here are honest and my own.

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