Essentials All Purpose Creme – Gift Guide Pick

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Cracked, dry skin is a problem in winter, and if you know someone that uses a lot of lotions and creams, Essentials All Purpose Creme by Stanley Home Products might make a good gift for the holidays.

Due to the rich emollients and beeswax in the creme, a lot of moisture and protection is provided to your skin.  It carries a beautiful fragrant that is not overpowering.  While it isn’t completely floral in nature, it is more on the feminine side which is why I’m recommending this as a gift for women.

The texture of this creme is almost like icing.  You don’t need a lot of it to moisturize.  You do need to take some time to rub it in, but I actually found myself needing to wipe my hands off on a towel when I was finished applying it, because of the emollients.  The beeswax helps form a light barrier on your skin, which helps to seal in the moisture, and I found it didn’t clog my pores.  It works great on dry skin.

It’s a very affordable present at $12.99 and the jar is 7 oz.  You can find it at Stanley Home Products as well as other spa solutions and products for the home.

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