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When my daughter was younger, we used to play games together all the time. Back then, we enjoyed countless board games and card games. As fellow parents know, board games are a great way to spend time at home with the family. These days, it seems that video games have replaced most board games and card games. Unfortunately, many video games (and mobile apps) are less family-friendly than the board games of yesteryear. Thankfully, hosts plenty of educational video games that provide family-friendly fun.


Poki is a gaming portal with countless wholesome titles. Available on desktops, laptops, and mobile phones, the Poki website hosts the best games. They’re all free to play, and new games are added every day. After you enjoy a few titles on Poki, they’ll start to recommend the perfect games for you! I think of Poki as a free Netflix for gaming. There are more games than you can imagine, new titles keep appearing, and their recommendation system gets smarter and smarter. All you have to do is click the thumbs-up button for games that you like, and Poki will feature similar titles. It’s rather clever and perfect.


Lately, I’ve spent a lot of free time enjoying the Educational Games section on Poki that you can also . It’s an inspiring category filled with games that help players learn. If you’ve ever played Elevate or Peak on your smartphone, then you’ll be familiar with this category. Much like those iOS and Android apps, Poki’s educational games can actually improve your cognitive abilities. And yes, the educational games on Poki are just as fun as the mini-games in Elevate and Peak!

The concept of “brain-training” has become quite popular lately, with new mobile apps that offer paid and free challenges. Poki doesn’t charge a penny for its games, which is a big advantage over its mobile competitors. On Poki, you don’t have to download any of the games, either. Each title loads in your browser, making the entire selection process much easier. When I’m on Poki, I know that I don’t have to worry about going to the App Store, sorting through a list of titles, and installing an app on my phone. Instead, I can simply click on a great game from Poki’s curated collection, and I’m playing within seconds.


There are many different types of brain-teasing mini-games in the Educational Games category. Certain subgenres are straightforward and simple, such as typing games. In these titles, you’ll race against the clock, typing as many words as possible. Different difficulty levels ensure that younger players and advanced typists are challenged fairly. These games actually make typing unbelievably fun and addictive. In Space Words Defense, you’ll use an array of missile blasters to protect alien planets. When you type words, you launch explosives at enemy spaceships! In Type for Gold, you’ll compete in fun track & field races. The faster you type, the faster you run.

Other educational titles will test your map-reading and geography skills. I thought USA Map Test would be easy for me, but it was pretty tough! These types of games are also great for students, as they can actually help prepare children for quizzes and tests. By turning the quiz into a game, children have fun while learning.


There are simply too many educational games to list here. The available learning experiences cover so much ground, from memory challenges to focus tests. I can safely recommend any of the educational games on Poki for your children and you. There’s no shortage of games for adults, with mini-games that include tough logic puzzles and reaction-speed challenges. One of my favorite games, Tingly Brain Trainer, includes all of the above. In addition to regular levels, there’s also a daily challenge that keeps me playing (and exercising my brain) every day.

This giveaway is fully sponsored by Poki

And now, it’s prize time! I’m happy to announce an exciting giveaway: Poki and I will award one of our lucky readers with an Amazon Fire Tablet! That’s right, we’re giving the award-winning 7” mobile media center to one of you. The 8GB Fire Tablet has Wi-Fi for easy access to millions of movies, games, TV shows, and e-books. Enter the giveaway for your chance to win!


7″ 8GB Amazon Fire Tablet Giveaway

175 thoughts on “Educational Games and Tablet Giveaway with Poki

  1. I love these types of educational games, especially ones that teach you how to properly type on a Qwerty keyboard. It took a LONG time for me to learn how to do it properly. Great Idea for the kids.

  2. My boys love playing games, I know they’d love the Pokemon game! I also homeschool so these educational games would be great! Thanks for the chance.

  3. I love educational apps!! My family travels a lot and having things like an amazon fire tablet is amazing!! Happy kids equals happy mommy!!

  4. My grandson would probably love the Ninjago and even the Transformers game. He seems to be into these all of a sudden.

  5. I would most like to play Dunkers or Mineblock. They have a nice selection of games.

  6. My son is completely into all things Pokemon right now, so he would be crazy about the Pokemon games like Kogama: Pokemon, Pokemon Run, and Catch Those Pokemon.

  7. Minecraft Pocket Edition really encourages creativity and pushes your imagination. It is a great learning tool.

  8. I’d love to play Hunters World, and I know my 3 kids would love to play most of them! My two girls would definitely have fun playing Guinea Pig Care and also My Pony Park 🙂 Thanks for introducing me to this site!!

  9. I would like to play Elsa and Barbie Blind Date. I love Elsa and Barbie and this looks like a really fun game.

  10. Thank you so much for the chance! So many games to pick from, I know my son would love to play kogama-pokemon!

  11. I’d also love to play Moto X3M! I know my kids would love this one too 🙂 Yesterday I played Color Switch for the first time and it was so fun! Thanks for introducing me to this site.

  12. We homeschool and I’m really excited to introduce Basketball Multiplication to my kids

  13. I would love to play the pokemon game! I grew up in the 90s so that is my favorite game!

  14. I would love to play Papa’s Cupcakeria please. kristiedonelson(at)gmail(dot)com Thank you.

  15. My daughter is all into Pokemon. The Kogama: Pokemon game might be right up her alley

  16. There are sooo many games to choose from! I like switching up now and then so it’s hard to pin point one game in particular!

  17. I love introducing new educational toys to my youngest grandson. It is something we can do together. Thanks for the introduction to Poki.

  18. I think Wormax looks awesome ! I can see myself and boys battling at keeping the high score!!

  19. I love puzzle and thinking games so I would choose to play the Apothecarium game!!!

  20. The Tomb Runner game looks so colorful. I think the whole family would enjoy that one.

  21. We would try out a variety of all these games! Thanks for the giveaway and Happy Thanksgiving! 🙂

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