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Earth Friendly Products are pure and simple, their tag line sums it up “For Love of the Planet”. 

This family owned and operated company first began making plant based cleaners in the 1960s, and now make over 150 products for the home.

Here are a few (of many reasons) that Earth Friendly Products is the expert in green cleaners.

  • They’re utterly petrochemical-free
  • Each one has a safe, neutral pH, same as human skin
  • They’re formaldehyde free, and theirs are just about the only natural cleaners that are

Earth Friendly Products doesn’t just make their cleaners green, their whole process is environmentally friendly.  Everything they make is cruelty free and 100% biodegradable (and they have the 2007 Proggy Award to prove it!).  Their containers & lids are recyclable, and the paper has 80% post-consumer content. The packing kernels they use are made from recyclable corn, and those are just some of their in-house initiatives that make them an overall environmentally conscious company.

I was able to try 4 of the products from Earth Friendly Products.  The Window Cleaner, Floor Kleener, Orange Plus RTU and Dishmate.

Window Cleaner Vinegar – This product employs the acidic power of vinegar.  It quickly lifts grime, fingerprints and dust.  It is non-filming and dust-resistant; evaporates to a streak-free shine.

Really, dust-resistant?  Yes!  I first used this on our bathroom mirrors.  We have a large master bath, and our fan isn’t powerful enough to really mitigate the moisture.  So because of that we have a lot of dust clinging to the surfaces in our bathroom.  We have two huge mirrors over our sinks, and they always have dust sitting on them. 

I have noticed a huge difference in the amount of dust since using Earth Friendly Products Window Cleaner.  It’s actually incredible to watch it work, because as I was cleaning them, I could see the dust falling away, but just floating down next to the mirror and not landing on it (of course that meant I had to clean my counter and sink, and used this product for that too!). 

I am a clean-aholic.  But one place I avoid cleaning like the plague is our t.v. stand.  It has glass shelves, and with a stereo receiver, DVR, and PS3 on it, the components are always collecting dust around them.  I have no sooner cleaned the shelves then the next day they are covered in dust again.  So I just don’t bother. 

Of course after seeing what the Window Cleaner did for my mirrors, I was willing to tackle the glass shelves to see if it was possible to keep them clean for more than a day.  This stuff is amazing.  I sprayed it on, and rather than the cleaner and my cloth, just spreading the dust around, it picked it all up on the first swipe.  No streaks, no film.  And…my shelves stayed dust free for a few days and at the end of the week, while there was dust on it, not nearly the amount as it used to collect.

This is by far the BEST glass/window cleaner I have ever used.  I highly recommend it.

Floor Kleener – A ready-to-use spot floor cleaner that quickly cleans all kinds of flooring with all-natural, plant-based surfactants.  Light, lemon fragrance.  Safe for laminates, hardwood, ceramic and any type of flooring. 

Since I clean my home a lot, my floors get dry mopped or vacuumed at least 3 times a week.  That means that I don’t wash the hard floors a lot, because I just don’t need to.  Of course though there is that whole bathroom issue I mentioned before, the dust just sticks to the bathroom floor.

The only hard floors we have are tile in the bathrooms and kitchen.  I first used the Floor Kleener in the bathroom.  It performed well, but again my floors aren’t typically overly dirty.  I did really like the fresh scent of the product, and it left no film or residue on the floor after cleaning it.

Orange Plus RTU – Double strength all-purpose cleaner.  The orange cleaner that started it all.  Works beautifully on counters, sinks, porcelain, tile; all water-safe surfaces. 

I cleaned my whole home with the Orange Plus RTU.  The orange scent is nice and light, not at all overpowering.  It cleaned my ceramic stove top to a brilliant shine.  It performed well on the dried spaghetti sauce splatters in my stainless steel kitchen sink, and it cut through the soap scum and hard water grime in the tub.  One cleaner for so many purposes, that works well, thumbs up!

Dishmate – Made from only plant-based highest quality ingredients, Dishmate comes in five gorgeous essential oil scents.  The ultra-concentrated, tough on grease dishwashing liquid is so mild, you can use it as hand soap.

I received the Grapefruit scent of this product.  Having a dishwasher, I don’t wash a lot of dishes by hand, but there are a few that I will because of size or because the heat of the dishwasher isn’t recommended. 

Dishmate did a good job of cleaning those I used it on, and the scent is very pleasant.

From dinner dishes to vegetables, from floors to range hoods, Earth Friendly Products has everything you need.  To see all their products visit their website at  They also have a store locator on their site, so you can find a place near you to purchase their products.

“I wrote this review as part of a blog campaign by Trent and Company on behalf of Earth Friendly Products, and received samples to facilitate my candid review”. 

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  1. Cool! These are also available in Alberta! Will check around for them next time. Since I’ve been using my micro-fiber cloths I have cut down almost completely on cleaning products. I’m especially looking for a spray for our shower and a different dish detergent. Thanks!

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