DVDs Are Not Fire Kindling

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Moving into a new home is so exciting.  When we were looking for a house here in Texas we had certain features that we were looking for, surprisingly enough the very first house we looked at had them all, and was in the end the one we bought.  The house is 840 sq ft larger than the condo we had in South Dakota, but interestingly we had quite a bit more storage in the condo then we do here in this home now.

Case in point -> this is where our DVD collection is right now.

Yeah, not ideal, LOL.

We had a large entertainment unit in our other home that we got rid of because we had no place for it here. 

Now we’ve been looking for something that fits in this space in the corner of our living room.

(Obviously we still have some pictures to hang too….)

I found the perfect piece at The Furniture Market

I think the French Farmhouse Oak Large Bookcase would not just house our entire DVD collection, but the finish of the wood, would fit right in with the oak molding in the room.  Making it not just an efficient use of space, but add to the décor as well, rather than sticking out as a random piece or as stop gap measure to store the DVDs instead of having them perched haphazardly on the fireplace hearth.

There are so many other items that I found that we could use for storage at The Furniture Market, and I’m getting so many great ideas on how we can organize our home and still have it look put together.

How do you store or display your things?  On bookshelves or media towers?  Out of sight?  With fine furnishings?

23 thoughts on “DVDs Are Not Fire Kindling

  1. My stuff is stored in a variety of ways. Unfortunately, some of those ways include in plastic tubs or on the floor. That is a nice bookcase.

  2. We used to store our DVDs in two huge bookcases. But since then, we scrapped all the DVD cases and now store them in huge binders. Saves so much more room!

  3. That looks like a great fit! Our house lacks storage space something fierce- the house isn't HUGE by any means but it's a normal size, but it has the amount of storage of a tiny apartment! No linen closet, no pantry… augh.

  4. We actually do not have a DVD or music collection. My husband has some sports items that he displays in a lawyers bookcase with glass doors.

  5. We have a combination of built-ins and purchased book-shelves…. and we STILL don't have enough space for all of our stuff. I'm going to be gearing up for a big, big purge — I'm ready to simplify our life!

  6. I hate to admit it but our dvds are out of their cases & stuffed in a drawer in the kitchen. My daughter became obsessed with completely disassembling the cases, and they were getting ruined, so I stashed them.

  7. In our last house we had an entire room devoted to them. There were racks of DVD's lining the walls!

    When I moved I selectively chose SOME of them to bring, and they sit on a bookshelf largely unwatched.

  8. We have DVD's on the book shelves in the living room. CD's are in normal towers. Of course our DVD collection is not huge and it breaks up all the books nicely.

  9. DVDs take up so much room! We have a big entertainment center and the shelves are stuffed. A nice book case for them would be nice. Our cupboards are really deep, so there are four rows of DVDs. It's so hard to find the one you want.

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