Duvet Covers – An Easy Way to Redecorate

What do you do if your daughter doesn’t want the Barbie comforter that you just paid $40 for, because now she wants Hannah Montana instead? Would you like a coordinated look in the bedroom but can’t find curtains to match your set? Here are a few ideas I’ve used for redecorating on a shoestring budget.

Ever wondered what a duvet (pronounced doo vay) is? It’s just a French word for a blanket with a removable cover. The blanket may be stuffed with downy feathers, or with polyester fluff. The cover is washable, so you don’t need a top sheet. This makes for easier bed-making, especially for kids.

My daughter never wanted to use her top sheets. They would be crumpled up at the bottom of the bed. Duvet covers take the place of the top sheet.

Modern duvet covers can be used with solid colored sheets or patterned sheets and you can make a comforter last a much longer time by just changing the cover when you want to redecorate.

What I have done for my daughter’s room is to buy two packages of co-ordinating sheets, one solid and one print. So for each package, I would have two fitted sheets, two pillowcases, and two flat sheets. Because we weren’t using the flat sheets with the duvet cover, I would cut them and use them to trim or make curtains.  You might even have enough fabric left over to make a small pillow to go with the set.

Duvet covers can have a zipper at one end, although generally they have buttons, and I use a safety pin at each corner to hold the blanket in place.  To wash the cover,  just take it off, and then after washing place the blanket back inside. 

Flat sheets are easy to make into curtains. They are already hemmed. All you have to do is to fold one end over and sew a rod pocket. To do this, fold over three inches, and sew one seam two inches from the fold and another seam three inches from the fold. If you are using a thicker curtain rod, the pocket will need to be bigger. A two inch header above the rod pocket is usually sufficient.

Get creative!

  By: Karen Gross (www.bukisa.com) –  This post was sponsored by CSN Stores.


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