Do You Know About This ID Tag That Makes Travel Easier?

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One of the things about moving is that you have to toss all the things that you had that were personalized with your address.  I threw away address labels, address stamps and luggage tags.  Anything that was pre-printed I didn’t have any use for anymore.  I’m hoping that it won’t be long and I’ll be visiting the airport here to go on another trip, and of course that means needing to tag my luggage with something that shows it’s mine.

SwaggerTag is a practical way to do that.  And they’re fun to personalize yourself!

There are plenty of things that you can do with SwaggerTag!

SwaggerTag can be attached to backpacks & lunch bags, luggage, carry-ons & overnight bags, and so much more.  Why SwaggerTag is more unique than a regular luggage or ID tag is because your personal information is not on display for any causal passerby to see.  Plus the inner portion where you do put that information is protected so it can stand up to weather and tough situations without getting ruined and can still be read.

I had never used a SwaggerTag before, and before I even got to the product I was impressed with the packaging.  I like that the plastic outer covering did not need to be cut off (which often results in me bleeding all over the place) and you could just remove the tag by opening the package at the blisters.

And I love the fact that you can personalize it yourself with photos (or in my case they sent precut inserts with my blog name), and all the necessary items to finish the job are included in the starter kit.

With plenty of colors to choose from, SwaggerTag can make your life easier.  You can tag each individual family member’s items with one color, or your entire family’s the same color so they’re easy to spot on a luggage carousel, and then with different creative options for the inserts for each person.   

Using the enclosed cable ties (each SwaggerTag comes with 3), these tags are not coming off what you attach them to unless they are cut off.

If you have gear that needs to be tagged, SwaggerTag is an affordable way to do it, they’re just $3.99 each and you can buy refurbish kits for $1.25 which means that even if you move…you don’t have to toss your ID tag away 🙂 .

24 thoughts on “Do You Know About This ID Tag That Makes Travel Easier?

  1. This looks like it would be great for our school backpacks. I love that you can personalize with a picture.

  2. That is a really neat idea. My luggage looks so much like everyone else's that it would be nice to have something so immediately recognizable.

  3. Swagger Tags is a great product that I can use for so many things. It sounds like a really great product. I like the colors also and I do not have to cut packages!

  4. I also don't like packaging that requires a lot of hacking away before you can finally to pry the product out. Traveling with luggage that isn't very personalized can make it hard to pick your personal belongings while at the luggage carousel. These would come in handy so you can easily identify your bag and be on your way.

  5. I swear my next set of luggage is going to be bright orange so it is easy to identify. I like these tags because your identy is safe and they are cute.

  6. I love these. I think we could put our family name in the photo area and that be perfect for whomever is taking the luggage.

  7. I like how noticeable these bag tags are. I would instantly spot a picture of my children.

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