DIY Santa Chalkboard Ornament

Turn a simple 3″x3″ canvas into a fun, cute Santa chalkboard ornament for your home. After painting on a coat of red paint, add some vinyl or stickers and countdown with a chalk marker!DIY Santa Chalkboard Ornament

STEP 1 – Paint canvas with red acrylic paint. Let dry. Add a second coat if necessary.  Let dry.  Lightly paint a coat of matte Modge Podge on top.  Let dry.

STEP 2 – Add a strip of chalkboard vinyl about 2/3 down the canvas.  Using copper or gold paint, outline a buckle and two dots on either side to look like Santa’s belt.

STEP 3 – Using vinyl cut with a die cutting machine or stickers add the words to the ornament as shown.  Attach a piece of ribbon to the back of the canvas frame for hanging.  Each day you can change the number of days until Christmas Eve with a chalk marker in Santa’s belt buckle.

11 thoughts on “DIY Santa Chalkboard Ornament

  1. This is super cute! The problem I have had with chalkboard markers and paint in the past is that they don’t come entirely clean and then I end up with ghosting. Any ideas about how to get around this? Maybe my chalkboard pens are too cheap?

    1. I think the quality of the chalkboard marker definitely makes a difference. I’ve used some that do that same thing – but others wipe away very neat and clean.

  2. This would be great for the kids to do! They are a little older and are always looking for new crafts!

  3. This DIY Santa Chalkboard Ornament is such a fun idea! What a cute gift and entertaining to make.

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