Disney American Presidents App & DVDs ~ Give Away

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One of the reasons we personally love homeschooling is because of the way we can adapt our curriculum to our daughter’s particular learning methods. As a gifted learner who prefers not to read, we’ve seen proven academic results from using multi-media products such as computer software, CDs, DVDs and tablet apps when it comes to her education.

We recently had the opportunity to use Disney’s American Presidents App & DVDs in our American History course and this is what Amber has to say about it:

American History is my favorite history, but some may find it less enjoyable. Disney has produced an app and DVD set to help students learn about some of the most important people in American History – the presidents! “The American Presidents” has every president up to and including President Obama.

The app (which is available for iPad at $3.99 and iPhone/iTouch for $1.99) and the DVDs both include short 2-4 minute videos on each president, explaining the highlights of their terms in an entertaining way to make sure you remember! The DVDs also include educational features for teachers (notably interactive whiteboard content, which is very fun for the students) and additional videos explaining more about America.

I guarantee you’ll learn something new from these videos, especially about some of the more obscure presidents. The information is presented in a clear and hilarious way that will have you hooked to learn even more about the presidents.

So whether you’re just interested in our past leaders or need to know some more facts for school, “The American Presidents” is a fun filled resource.

As a parent and the primary educator of my daughter, I’m thrilled when I find something that seems less like “school” and more like “fun” but still adheres to the core standards of the education we’re providing for her. Both The American Presidents DVDs and interactive iOS Apps produced by Disney Educational Productions provided us with that. Reading from a textbook does not bring about the same enthusiasm from Amber as playing learning with the app or watching the DVDs do. My husband barely walks in the door from work and she’s expounding the interesting things she’s learned. That’s what school should be about.

If you lean a distinct political way, you may find some of the information about the parties and/or presidents slanted one way or the other – but politics is inherently biased that way – as a home educator it just brings about more discussion in our home, and I actually appreciate that so we can discuss our worldviews alongside history, and compare and contrast the facts with opinion.

The app is a great way to foster learning on the go. Whether you have it on the iPad or the iPhone/iTouch, in the car, on the plane, in the doctor’s office or the grocery store aisle, not only will your children be entertained…they’ll be learning too!

The DVDs are divided up into 4 volumes:

Volume 1: Revolution and the New Nation & Expansion and Reform
Volume 2: Civil War and Reconstruction and Development of the Industrial U.S.
Volume 3: The Emergence of Modern America & The Great Depression and WWII
Volume 4: Postwar United States & Contemporary United States

Each DVD retails for $29.99 or you can buy the whole series for $119.96. Additionally the titles are downloadable on iTunes.

As a home educator I appreciate educational material such as this that I can use to make history more fun for my child. If you’re a school teacher, the possibility of these DVDs in your classroom for teaching or for extra ‘fun’ time, will make you extremely popular!

Disney is adept at making learning fun, and they’ve shown that once again with The American Presidents App & DVD series.

Affiliate Links are used in this post. I received samples of these products from Disney Educational Productions, however all the points and views are my own. Published by Tammy Litke.

One reader will win the entire set of Disney’s The American Presidents DVDs that’s a $120 value!

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87 thoughts on “Disney American Presidents App & DVDs ~ Give Away

  1. I make sure we use a variety of learning forms, dvds, music, internet, books, crafts etc Debbie Jackson
    debbie jackson
    djackson1958 at hotmail dot com

  2. This is amazing!! When I went to private school we actually learned LOTS about the presidents including their order….this is something I want to bring to my homeschooling curriculum. Thanks for the chance!!

  3. I keep education entertaining by using a lot of DVDs like The Magic Schoolbus, Liberty's Kids and Rock N Learn just to name a few. We also play games like American Mensa Academy. There are so many ways to keep learning creative and fun.

  4. I sneak learning into every day things. Like learning your colors when we are at the grocery store or practicing our counting while setting the table. I still haven't found a way to incorporate Calculus into daily living no matter how hard I try.

  5. It is always important to keep learning fun. This can be accomplished by various games, field trips or even skits. Ther are a number of ways.

  6. we make a game of it to see how much they know an are eager to learn more to earn points

  7. I would say keeping it current like dvds, video games, things that they are interested in.

  8. I read to my grandson and talk a little about current events that are age appropriate.

    janetfaye (at) gmail (dot) com

  9. Hi, thanks for this opportunity. We keep things new and real for our kids by visiting historical sites and by being in the outdoors a lot teaching our kids about nature on many levels.

  10. I believe this DVD featuring the American Presidents would greatly enrich my grandson's education, and might even enrich mine if he lets me borrow it!

  11. I keep education interesting for the kids by letting them follow their passions and we plan family vacations around education, like museums and historical sites!

  12. We set aside one night per week to watch a documentary together as a family…we make fun snacks!

  13. Lots of books and DVD's that are educational for my grandson along with educational toys

  14. We sometimes make up silly poems, songs, raps etc. Lots of giggles and fun while still learning.

  15. By watching informative & entertaining programs on TV & videos online 🙂 We watched a show about whales and their sonar the other day! 🙂

  16. These look awesome! I try to keep things fun for the kids by listening to and learning new songs to go with new concepts – they memorize things so well when it's set to music.

  17. The kids are entertained CURRENTLY with their new Leappad/Leapster gift from Santa. The apps I chose are highly educational.

  18. I have been to this site two days without adding anything because I entered the contest and have already added two comments. Should I enter more comments? I can't find anywhere else to sign up more often, so I am not doing that.

    Thank you.

  19. Mary —

    You only needed to add a comment once, and you could gain one extra entry to add your shipping address once you left your first comment. The form should only let you enter those two times – if it is letting you enter more than that let me know and I'll inquire to Rafflecopter why that is happening.

  20. I like to switch it up a lot to keep it interesting. we take nature hikes and gather specimens to look at under the microscope. We do Art almost daily. We cook while learning math. Fractions, measurements etc. bargain hunting for price comparison. We use all our senses in our studies as much as possible. Dvd's, Music, Library for outing and research.

  21. its not easy, but with great movies and traveling to historical sites, and great books – we can.

  22. We currently are buliding a globe puzzle to help us learn the continents and learn about history in each one!

  23. We stay involved with them and they also like playing computer certain games that are really educational

    ardy22 at earthlink dot net

  24. by creating and maintaining an energetic momentum in order to convey a sense of vitality associated with learning.

  25. I keep my children entertained in learning by taking field trips to museums, science fairs, nature trails and exhibits and dvd's that we watch together.


  26. We watch a lot of dramatic adaptions (films, miniseries) of historical events and then read books and factual accounts to compare the two, and we also play a lot of history-themed trivia games that we all learn from. Thanks!

  27. Yeah…stop telling the kids our founding fathers don't mean anything…seriously..dhs and homeland in-security tell out local police that our founders are terrorist and so is anybody that likes them…..SO! START TELLING THE TRUTH,AND STOP RE-WRITING HISTORY LIKE THOSE SILLY MOVIES…OUR FOUNDERS WERE THE GREATEST GENERATION!

  28. Don't have kids to home school yet, but looking forward to the opportunities when that arises.

  29. we like to watch educational shows like the discovery and history channels..you can learn a lot from them

  30. I like to keep education current with my son. We read books set during time periods we're studying, play games online, and do drama and crafts. Lots of fun! 🙂

  31. We actually just started homeschooling and keep it enjoyable for her by doing different projects, reading, going outside and playing and going on little adventures.

  32. my daughter is home schooled and we do lots of hands on activities and field trips

    jagar0047 at yahoo dot com

  33. to keep education entertaining we take field trips and turn every thing into an opportunity to learn

  34. we have found is we link history to an actual place it stays with them more
    vmkids3 at msn dot com

  35. I use different methods for each of my 4 kids.We do lots of hands on activities as well as visuals.My youngest daughter and oldest son are both dyslexic so we have found that anything they can touch helps.We used to make our letters out of play doh or write in rice.My oldest does best with videos to help the info sink in.The youngest is just starting home schooling so we are still figuring out what works best with him.

  36. I try to make learning fun by doing things like taking their spelling word and playing a word bingo game

  37. I try to make a game out of the things that we learn. We look up a lot of history on the internet, because it sticks in her memory when she can see it. We also learn while on vacation. Nothing more fun than seeing it in person!

  38. We play games, talk about current events and visit sites such as museums and libraries.

  39. My boys are 5 and 2, so it has to be something quick, but exciting. We like to do a lot of cool experiments or make a game out of the learning.
    Thank you

  40. We do fun learning activities indoors and out. By learning shapes and colors

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