Dinosaur Train Valentine’s Day Cards

Celebrate Valentine’s Day with Buddy and the entire Dinosaur Train clan by downloading for FREE and sharing with friends, family and your followers an all-new Dinosaur Train Valentine’s Day card. AND find the “perfect match” with the Dinosaur Train Make A Match game from Pressman Toy!

In the Dinosaur Train Make A Match game, Buddy and his friends sharpen children’s memory skills in this special matching game that features a Buddy figure! To begin play, 48 game cards featuring favorite Dinosaurs from Dinosaur Train are shuffled and laid face down in 6 rows of 8 cards each. Players take turns turning over any two cards—so all players can see them—to find a matching pair. The game features “Take Buddy” cards, “Wild Cards” and “Lose a Pair” cards to add to the excitement. Players count their matching card sets at the end and add extra points for the player holding Buddy to determine who wins. The Dinosaur Train Make A Match Game is for 2 to 4 players, ages 3 to 6, and is available at Toys “R” Us stores nationwide for just $9.99.

Dinosaur Train Valentine’s Day Cards

Jim Henson Company’s exclusive Dinosaur Train Valentine’s Day cards can be downloaded here by clicking on the image below: 

And for more Valentine’s Day fun, check out the new Flying with Buddy game that reinforces counting skills as Buddy collects seashells. Players use the mouse to control the flight of Buddy, Don and Tiny. Move the mouse UP and Buddy raises his legs, and Don and Tiny fly higher. Move the mouse DOWN and Don and Tiny fly lower, and Buddy reaches to grab the shells on the ground. After one minute of gameplay the characters return to their nest to count the treasures they collected. Check it out for FREE at the following link: http://pbskids.org/dinosaurtrain/games/flyingwithbuddy.html

The hit television series Dinosaur Train™ airs daily on PBS KIDS® (check local listings).