DESPICABLE ME 2 has some Despicable News!

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On behalf of Universal Pictures, we’re excited to announce that Benjamin Bratt has joined the cast of DESPICABLE ME 2!

Haven’t seen the trailer yet?  (Or even if you have, watch it again, it never gets old!)

And be sure to check out all the despicably great goodies that are now available to download, including 5 FREE addicting ringtones and the new BOP-A-MINION game!  (You can also text Minions to 834567 to play this game on your smartphone!) Gru, his adorable girls, the unpredictably hilarious Minions…and a host of new and outrageously funny characters hit theaters July 3.

Based on the traditional Whack-a-Mole game, and formatted for your mobile device, the object is to bop as many Minions as you can, earn coins and avoid the bombs.  The more you bop, the higher your score. The game increases in difficulty based on the speed in which the Minions are popping up and dropping down into their holes. 

Oh yes, my daughter and I played the display game when we were at the theater to see Iron Man 3.  

Visit to download fun, free ringtones from your favorite Despicable Me 2 characters.  And you know I did.  The BarbaraAnn (or rather Banananananana Potatoooooe  song as we like to call it!) is my new ringtone and the “uh Hello….aaaahhhh” is my text tone

and you can find DESPICABLE ME 2 ON TUMBLR
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July 3rd folks…July 3rd!

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