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Do you have a daughter that loves American Girl Dolls?  Or maybe you are a collector of them yourself.  In any case, half the fun of the doll is being able to dress them up in different outfits from casual to dressy and of course pjs as well! 

I want to share with you Daisylabel a family venture, making handmade clothes that fit 18” dolls.  If you have an American Girl Doll collector on your list for Christmas, I encourage you to check them out.

I go waaay back with Heidi, one of the founders of Daisylabel.  20 years!  We met on a mission trip to Africa, and even back then in our teen years, she was sewing up a storm.  We had to wear jumpers during our time abroad, and she had sewn all the ones she brought, and even then, I remember being thoroughly impressed with her skills!

Now she lives in a house full of testosterone, which is one of the reasons I’m guessing Daisylabel is a great outlet for her talents.  A little bit of frills and ribbons among all those boys!

Because the outfits are handmade, they are unique, and they are affordable also, many priced at just $20.  They have beautiful fancy outfits that would be perfect for Christmas Gifts. A lot of the outfits also come with accessories too!  See something you like but want different colors, just ask, and they’ll see what they can do for you!

If you are interested in any of the items they offer be sure to e-mail them at the address listed at Daisylabel, I know they have some craft shows coming up, so you will want to order early to ensure a Christmas delivery!

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