It’s Spring! Time for Collin Street Bakery’s Strawberry Pecan Cake

It has been awhile since I have written a post about Collin Street Bakery, but I am taking the opportunity to do so now because of a fabulous Strawberry Pecan Cake they sent me to feature on my site!

The coming of Spring means lots of summer flavors, and when I think spring and summer flavors, I think “Strawberries!”  Seeing those clamshells full of red berries at the grocery store is a sure sign that winter is over.

I wasn’t quite sure what a fruit cake with strawberries and pecans would be like though.  I think cake & strawberries and my mind wanders to angel food cake, not a traditional ‘fruit cake’.  But I know Collin Street Bakery’s cakes are DELICIOUS so I was eager to try it.  The cake arrived the day our church small group gets together, so I thought I’d bring it along to share.  I’m so glad I did, but I’m also sorry I did… because it was SO good, I kind of wished I had kept it all for myself (yeah, I’m selfish that way 😉 ).


The reactions were kind of surprising.  When asked what I brought, and I said a Strawberry Pecan Cake, I got “oh, a fruitcake?” as responses when I opened the tin.  I think out of politeness some of our friends tried it… hah the look on their faces when they tasted how good it was — priceless!  I saw a few of them cut a second slice 😉


Collin Street Bakery took their World Famous honey batter and blended it with their Texas Pecans and delicious strawberries, and then added even more strawberries!


The result is a taste sensation.  The cake is nearly 2 lbs of pure enjoyment, and while regularly costing $34.95, it’s on sale right now for $29.95.  Order it online and have it delivered anywhere in the U.S. (Mother’s Day is just a few weeks away *cough cough*)


If you think I am too effusive with my praise over Collin Street Bakery’s offerings, you’ve obviously never had any of their wonderful baked goods.  While I appreciate that they sent me these cakes to share about them, I would gladly shell out my own money.  I was so disappointed the last time we drove through Corsicana that it was late at night so we couldn’t make a pit stop at the actual establishment, it’s definitely something I’m going to do yet.

Not a fan of strawberries or pecans?  Collin Street Bakery also has specialty cakes, cheesecakes, pies, and cookies.  I haven’t been disappointed with anything I’ve tried yet!  Check them out – and if you’re ever in Texas, be sure to make a trip to Corsicana to the historic downtown location see where it all began.

5 thoughts on “It’s Spring! Time for Collin Street Bakery’s Strawberry Pecan Cake

  1. This Strawberry Pecan Cake sounds and looks delicious. I would love to try it out for myself. I will if I get down to Texas again!

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