Nursery Rhymes by ChuChu TV App

You may or may not know that You Tube is big business.  If you do videos and can gain a foothold on You Tube, you have instant kred.  Launched in 2013, ChuChu TV is closing in on 3 billion views and 3 million subscribers, placing it firmly among the most popular channels for its target audience of young children and their parents.  Say what?!  I know right!  I’m no longer in that demographic so I was actually taken by surprise on that.  A You Tube channel dedicated to singing nursery rhymes with cartoons and karaoke words which commands that kind of viewership has to be checked out, so I did… with an app!  The popular You Tube channel ChuChu TV, now has a ChuChu TV app for iOS and Android.

After watching a few of the videos I can completely see why little ones are enthralled, they are full of engaging, animated content.  To put it simply it’s just good old kid-friendly entertainment.

The app contents are geared to babies up to about the age of 5.  It comes with 15 free videos to download so your child can watch them offline.  You can buy additional video songs for 99¢ each.  You also have the option of viewing them online which requires the You Tube app to also be installed on your device.  It will bring you straight to the ChuChu TV channel on You Tube.

With the free videos on the app including favorite songs like Wheels on the Bus, Bingo, and Baa Baa Black Sheep parents will instantly be able to sing along with the app to entertain their children.

Nursery Rhymes by ChuChu TV is fairly simple to navigate and the kids will probably figure out how to find their favorite videos before mom or dad do 😉  You can set up a playlist so that there is a variety to their watching, or if you want to focus on certain things like letters, colors or just fun rhymes.

What’s nice about this app is that there are no ads and to change any of the settings or to purchase a math question pops up for parents to answer.  That means little fingers can’t accidently rack up the credit card or little eyes can’t view inappropriate things.


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