Christmas Morning Breakfast Idea: Eggs in a Nest

This is a sponsored opportunity from Goldrich Eggs, but the opinions are 100% my own.


Christmas morning is almost here!  I don’t know about you but by the time that morning rolls around I’m a little tired of all the cooking and baking 🙂  So I put my husband in charge of Christmas morning breakfast.  I mean I help a little by providing him leftover potatoes, but other than that, I sit back, relax and enjoy the Santa Claus parade on TV and let him sweat over the stove top that morning!

My husband doesn’t cook much at all, but making eggs – that he’s really good at.  Every Saturday morning when he was younger, he took the leftover potatoes from dinner earlier in the week and made his own fried hashbrowns and then broke an egg over them which he then covered and steam cooked.  ‘Eggs in a Nest’ so to speak.

He made it every week for Saturday breakfasts when we first got married, but then with the hustle and bustle of life, it got made less and less until it actually became a “special” breakfast instead of a regular one.  That was much to our daughter’s chagrin, because it is her very favorite breakfast ever.  He and our daughter love the yolk runny enough to dip their potatoes in, me I prefer my yolks just a tad harder, so he’s got his work cut out for him when he makes Eggs in a Nest for all of us!

With our daughter coming home from college for Christmas break, Eggs in a Nest will definitely be on the breakfast menu in our home a few times more than just for Christmas Morning.  Seeing her relish the goodness of dipping her fried potatoes into that golden #GoldrichYolk will make her Daddy smile.  And as parents, we know she isn’t eating the healthiest at college so serving her up Goldrich Eggs is better for her – because they have more beneficial Omega-3 vitamins and Lutein per egg than ordinary eggs.  At least for a few weeks we’ll make sure she’s getting brain food!

I wouldn’t say our Eggs in a Nest has a recipe really, but here it is in text and feel free to adjust it to suit your needs!

Eggs in a Nest

Cooled, quartered boiled potatoes, cut into 1/2″ slices  (we use leftovers that I’ve purposely cooked more than we needed from a previous meal) – if you don’t have leftover potatoes you can use frozen cubed hashbrowns
Goldrich Eggs – as many as you need to feed your family 🙂

1. Melt butter in a frying pan and fry up the potatoes until they’re browned.
2. Crack your eggs into a bowl, making sure the yolk doesn’t break and then pour it on top of the potatoes, leaving some space between each egg for removing and serving.
3. Cover the pan, and cook until the yolk is at your preferred texture (less time for runny, soft yolks, more time for harder yolks).
4. Remove eggs and potatoes from pan with a spatula and plate.


It tastes as yummy as it looks!  The Goldrich yolk truly is golden and makes the dish even more appealing because of it!

What kind of breakfast would you make on Christmas Morning with the golden yolk of Goldrich eggs?