Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Miniatures

The love for chocolate chip cookie dough is not a new fad, but the raw egg in most batters usually turns a stomach off .  When I had the opportunity for my family to try Bake Shoppe’s Chocolate Chip Cookie Miniatures, I knew I’d have my husband drooling with just the name!

These bite size pieces are made with real butter in the batter and no egg or hydrogenated oils!  I was actually quite surprised to see that they were coated in a nice shell of chocolate. 

Like cookie dough has a tendency to do, these morsels just sort of melt in your mouth.  This isn’t just chocolate it’s a taste that brings you back to the kitchen when you were 10 and you swiped a lick of the spatula while your mom was baking cookies!

With the economy being so tight, movie nights at home are becoming all the rage.  And rightly so, who can justify the expense to take a family of four to the theater?  Add the concessions to the price of a ticket, and it’s no wonder we’re buying DVDs instead and staying in.  I’m not sure about your families but we like to have special snacks when having our movie night, and we quickly devoured one of the boxes while watching, when it was opened last week.

They also make a nice topping on vanilla ice cream!

Disclosure of Material Connection: “This post was written for Promotion in Motion.  I was sent samples of Bake Shoppe Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Miniatures for review purposes.”

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