Chips Ahoy Chewy Gooey Cookies

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Two words that make me smile; cookies & gooey.

The thought of warm gooey chocolate chip cookies right out of the oven – nothing screams “home” louder than that.

But you know, that requires work – whipping up a batch of chocolate chip cookies.  Nabisco has found a way to fuel that craving with their new Chips Ahoy Chewy Gooey Cookies.

These cookies (coming in Chocofudge and Megafudge flavors) are pretty decadent right out of the package, but put them in the microwave for a few seconds and you have yourself a really gooey treat.

I’m all about the gooey so I tried this and then microwaved it! (That’s a marshmallow by the way). Totally messy, but totally delicious!

The flavors of the Chips Ahoy Chewy Gooey Cookies are simple, yet perfect.  Soft cookie outside with a dollop of fudge in the center.  Beverage of choice with this one is definitely milk!

These cookies will remind you of after school snacks that Mom had ready when you walked in the door, but with the added surprise of a fudgy filled center.

I think my daughter is officially addicted to the Chocofudge ones, I got “one” cookie out of that whole package!  These will be really great to purchase when we need to bring cookies for youth group.

Thanks Kraft Foods for these chewy gooey cookies!

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