Checks In The Mail

None of us like doing it, but the bills need to be paid every month.  For those of you who don’t use online banking, or have don’t have that option to pay the bill, it might be easier to give someone else your money by using personal checks that echo your passions.

Checks In The Mail has checks for everyone.  They contain images from Charitable organizations to Animated/Pop Icons, and everything in between.

I of course chose something from their large selection of Disney Checks.  Much like the Disney movies, Checks In The Mail, only sells the Disney Checks from popular movies for a limited time, and then puts them “in the vault” so to speak.  I was still able to get checks featuring Wall-E, which are currently in their Closeout section before they are no longer available.  I’m so excited to start using them.


If you didn’t already know – you can order checks anywhere you choose.  You don’t have to get them from your financial institution.  Checks In The Mail checks are convenient to order, meet all bank requirements, and are often priced significantly lower.  (The Wall-E checks pictured above are on special at $9.99 for a box of 125 checks!)  You can pay for your checks via Credit Card, electronic debit of your checking account or via PayPal (hooray!).

If you’re wanting a complete look for your checks, the Bonus Buy packages that Checks In The Mail offers might interest you.  Along with the box of checks you receive matching labels for your envelopes, and a genuine leather checkbook cover too.  Packages start at $42.99.

Okay, so you’re not a check writer, more of a debit card user.  That’s okay Checks In The Mail has you covered there too.  With handy Debit Caddies that are delightfully cute, they hold your debit and credit cards as well as your id.  They are constructed from a silk blend and durable leather.  To enable you to keep track of your spending while you’re out shopping they include a Debit Register and a mini pen that clips on the Caddy so you can make sure you’re only spending what you have in your account!   The Debit Caddies start at $19.99.

You can still join in the fun if all you want to do is carry some cash.  Checks In The Mail’s Coin Purses are made from a silk blend material.  There are many chic and fun designs available, including styles featuring your favorite candies, M&Ms! Starting at $10.99.

So you all know that I ♥ Disney, and I love traveling just as much (traveling to and/or with Disney & eating M&Ms makes the picture complete!).  Checks In The Mail is assuring that I travel Happily Ever After with their Luggage Tags.  Coordinating designs with many of their other products, there are plenty of interests available.  You can personalize these with up to 6 lines of text.  They come in sets of 3 for $19.99.  Not just for luggage, these are great for backpacks, sports bags and diaper bags too!

All of the products I received from Checks In The Mail were beautifully illustrated, enhancing the spirit of where your interests, passions or hobbies lie.  They are all bright and colorful and ideal for anyone who wants to add a bit more fun to their spending and record-keeping!

“This post was written for Checks In The Mail who provided the complimentary product for review in exchange for my honest review”

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