Celebrate Cinco de Mayo with a Fiesta

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cinco de mayo partyI’ve got to tell you prior to last year I had NO idea what Cinco de Mayo was even about.  If you are in the same boat let me quickly recap what I learned:

Cinco de Mayo celebrates the legendary Battle of Puebla on May 5, 1862, in which a Mexican force of 4500 men faced 6000 French soldiers.  Long story short, the Mexicans won and so they party.

But the more the merrier, right?!  I’m all about celebrating and hosting a party because that equals fun times no matter what the occasion.

cinco de mayo party food

You don’t have to be Martha Stewart or a Pinterest perfect homemaker to plan a fiesta (no really, see I did it and I have none of the abilities either of them have).  Here are a few ideas to get you started to host a Cinco de Mayo party everyone will enjoy.

el monterey taquitos packaging

This year, try spicing up your fiesta with El Monterey taquitos, including their new bold flavor Fiery Hot Chicken (oh my gosh these are authentically hot!) and the seasoned battered Southwest Chicken and Taco Seasoned Beef & Cheese.   They are so easy to make.  Just pop them in your oven and in less than 15 minutes you have a tray of golden, crispy, full flavored snacks or appetizers, stuffed with meat and cheese to set out on the table to feed your guests.

fiesta el monterey taquitos

el monterey taquitos tray

el monterey taco seasoned beef cheese

el monterey southwest chicken taquitos

el monterey fiery hot chickenBut every party has to have something for your guest to dip into!  And when it comes to taquitos the perfect complement is a Salsa Bar.

fiesta salsa bar cinco de mayo

From traditional guacamole to a pineapple peach salsa, I chose a range of mild to hot festive flavors to dip the El Monterey taquitos in.  From smooth to chunky there was something for everyone and having a variety of flavors to choose from instead of just one or two, kicked the party up a notch.

salsa bar cinco de mayo

salsa bar 2 cinco de mayoDare I say it isn’t a fiesta unless a margarita makes an appearance?  In this case it’s non-alcoholic so everyone can enjoy it, and likely it’s actually more of a ‘punch’ than a margarita, but I sugared the rim and poured it in a margarita glass – so I say that makes it a margarita .

virgin mango peach sparkling margarita

cinco de mayo virgin margarita

If you want to make this tasty treat for your own Cinco de Mayo party here’s the recipe:

Virgin Mango Peach Sparkling Margarita
serves 6

22 oz. of mango nectar
4 peach mango frozen ice bars (approximately 77 grams each)
8 oz. of peach flavored carbonated water beverage
colored sugar crystals

Pour sugar crystals in shallow bowl or on a plate that has a large enough diameter to place your margarita glass on.  Dip the rim of the glass in water and then press it into the sugar crystals so the rim is covered.  You may have to move the edge of the glass around your bowl or plate some to ensure coverage around the whole rim.  Set glasses aside.

Remove the ice pops from the sticks and place in blender, and then add the mango nectar.  Blend until the ice pops are broken up and then to your desired consistency (if you’d like a chunkier more frozen drink stop blending before the ice pops are fully blended).  Add the flavored carbonated water.  Pour into margarita glasses and serve immediately.

mango peach sparkling virgin margarita words

Decorating for Cinco de Mayo is easy enough too!  I picked up the the sign, the fiesta letters and the napkins (as well as the cute little salsa cups and spoons) at a party store all for under $20.  And the little cards are from a free downloadable printable pdf I found online.  So if you’re missing the crafty gene, no worries!

el monterey taquitos salsa bar cinco de mayo words

As an aside if Cinco de Mayo snuck up on you and party planning this year is just not in your schedule, you can still put a smile on your kids’ faces by whipping up an easy Cinco de Mayo Bento Lunch featuring El Monterey Taquitos as their protein, some Strawberry Sombreros, Grape & Pretzel Maracas, a Cheese Confetti Piñata (compelte with pretzel stick to whack it open) and a colorful drink to wash it down.  You can see more detailed pictures of this Cinco de Mayo Bento Lunch here.

Cinco de Mayo themed bento lunch for kids

How do you celebrate Cinco de Mayo in your own way?

For more Cinco de Mayo party recipe ideas, visit the El Monterey website! Plus check out El Monterey’s Cinco de Mayo Pinterest board, like them on Facebook, follow them on Twitter  and on Instagram for more inpsiration.

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57 thoughts on “Celebrate Cinco de Mayo with a Fiesta

  1. I loved the Salsa bar, with all the different types to try, that way you could taste new ones and get a little of them all, your bento tray was cute with the maracas made with pretzels and grapes, black olives could also be used

  2. I like that you had a variety of salsas and a variety of dips on your buffet. It lets everyone have their favorite.

  3. I love how you made the presentation look so great. The cards to show what each product is were done so beautifully:)

  4. Love all the different salsa's you have, they all look so delicious! Gives every one options.

  5. My favorite is the Mango Peach Sparkling Virgin Margaritas. 🙂 All the displays are very neat.

  6. I like the colored sugar on the glasses. It makes them look fancier. May 5th was the day I found out I was pregnant with my son. No drinking for me that year.

  7. Your spread is very well organized and laid out. It looks like you have a dip for every taste. I also like the non-alcoholic margaritas because I don't drink.

  8. Unfortunately, my husband won't each much more than fast food type tacos, but my daughter and I love more traditional Mexican food. We're in NW Indiana so we do have a number of really good restaurants that we love to eat at. She'll be working late that day, but I'm planning on picking up something for her for lunch and will eat with her where she works. I'd love to do more of a spread, like you have ideas for above, at a different time.

  9. What a great party plan. Love the Virgin Mango Peach Sparkling Margarita. Really want to give these a try. I'd also love to try the Taquitos. They really look delicious.

  10. We are planning a Cinco de Mayo carry-in at work. I like the variety of foods that everyone brings in.

  11. I love the presentation and I like the way you have all the different types of taquitos. That way there is something for everyone,

  12. I love the glasses-very cute! I also like the colored sugar on the rims. Nice!

  13. We don't really do anything for Cinco de Mayo but I love your ideas from your post – I think I would definitely give some of them a try
    annabella @ centurytel dot net

  14. I love all of the different fun shapes and sizes of serving glasses and bowls you used.

  15. I want to try the Mango Peach Sparkling Virgin Margaritas. we love the different flavored taquitos with sour cream, avocado, and salsa

  16. I love the salsa bar! What a genius idea! I will most definitely be using this in the future!

  17. I love the Salsa Bar…what a fun idea! And the Virgin Mango Peach Sparkling Margarita sounds delicious!

  18. My favorite part is cooking the food which is fun and relaxing for me. I love looking at recipes (thank you Pinterest!) for new ideas. Taste testing the margaritas is always a highlight too!!

  19. I guess I would get sombreros for everyone to wear and serve yummy mexican food of course.

  20. I love the Cinco de Mayo Salsa Bar. I am going to do this for my family. such a great idea!!

  21. We always have a nacho bar, next time I would love to add the salsa bar to it. I think my family would really enjoy the addition.

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