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Ravioli and Zucchini Cheese Bake

I don’t think life gets any crazier than in the month of December. Between every day activities and then all the holiday hustle and bustle I feel like I need a 27 hour day to fit every thing in. I don’t want to drop the proverbial ball though when it comes to dinner, but at this time of the year I’m all about quick and easy.

In my family a “perfect” recipe needs just three things: pasta, sauce and cheese. But I’m trying to find a way to sneak some healthier food in where possible and a ravioli baked dish seemed like a great opportunity for just that. The problem?

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Green Mountain Coffee Espresso Iced Latte

Okay you all know I LOVE my coffee, and how I don’t feel the need to go and buy expensive cups of it at a specialty coffee house.  I like to save the pennies we earn and brew or buy coffee to drink at home, and iced coffee is no exception to that.

My taste buds are so full of love for the new Green Mountain Coffee Espresso Iced Latte that you can get nationally at Wal-Mart in the refrigerated section in a 48 oz. bottle.  And if you want to try it out too, grab a $1.00 off coupon at so you can taste it for yourself. 

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What Would You Buy First If You Won $5,000 A Week “Forever”?

My first recollection of Publishers Clearing House is sitting with my Grandma at her kitchen table separating the little perforated magazine stamps and sorting them all out in rows according to color.  Good times.  I dreamed of winning the prize and promised Grandma I would pay for her once-a-week hair salon visit if I did.

Fast forward 30 some plus years, and the famous prize patrol still surprises screaming winners on their doorsteps.  I’d love to be surprised like that!

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Brown Rice Recipe Inspired by Triscuit Real Foods

I’m trying to make it a priority to eat healthier in our home. Sometimes that can be hard to do when you’re feeding picky eaters though.

Since we’re big snackers, I’m starting there, replacing chips and cookies with more wholesome options.

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Help Wish Kids Take Flight – #WorldWishDay

Of all the things I’m most thankful for it’s the health of our daughter.  We’ve been so very blessed that over the years the most we’ve had to deal with when it comes to medical illnesses has been the odd cold and a set of stitches.  That isn’t the case for every family though, and I love the cause of the Make-A-Wish®-Foundation, who grant wishes to children with life threatening medical illneses.

If you’re unfamiliar with Make-A-Wish it is one of the nation’s leading children’s charities.  30 years ago, a 7-year-old boy received his heartfelt wish to be a police officer for a day.

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