Cheese Puff Appetizers
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Cheese Puff Appetizers

There are SO many things you can do with crescent roll dough and during the last 12 weeks when we were encouraged to stay at home, I’ve tried quite a few recipes out using it.  Here are some quick and easy Cheese Puff Appetizers that you can serve as a supper-worthy snack to your clan.

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breakfast bread
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Chocolate Cinnamon Breakfast Bread

If you want an indulgent pastry type treat for a special holiday, occasion or just for an everyday Sunday morning, this breakfast bread is it!  You can cool it down like the instructions suggest, but we like to eat it warm.

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Sweet Pickle Macaroni Salad with Circulon Cookware

Make a picnic style lunch, this macaroni salad, sandwiches and some fresh fruit.  Throw a blanket down in the backyard or living room and celebrate Mom!

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Caramel Nut Breakfast Cake with Betterine

Special cake for holiday breakfasts always kick the day off to a good start.  I mean who wouldn’t want breakfast cake?!  

This cake’s topping is completely indulgent and pairs deliciously with a cup of coffee.  We had made it an Easter Breakfast Cake this year, but it is so easy to put together for Mother’s Day if you want to bring Mom breakfast in bed.

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layered BLT Dip
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Layered BLT Dip – with 3 Cheeses!

You may not be throwing a party any time soon, but that doesn’t mean your family can’t indulge in this addictive three cheese layered BLT dip.  They’ll gobble it up really quick, it won’t last long!

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crunchy ramen salad
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Crunchy Ramen Salad

For potlucks and picnics, this ramen salad is always a winner.  If you want to make sure it’s super fresh at an outside gathering, bring the veggies, dressing and almonds/sunflowers/noodles separate and then shake them all up together when it’s time to serve.

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Fruit Salad Salsa

This sweet fruit salad salsa with berries and pears makes a refreshing dessert.  We paired it with shortbread cookies.

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St. Patrick’s Day Smoothie

The greens will will go down easy in this creamy shake like St. Patrick’s Day Smoothie that even your littlest leprechauns will love.

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Slow Cooker Beef Steak Tacos

As a busy person, I love simple recipes with ingredients I probably already have on hand.  These slow cooker beef steak tacos turn out great…

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yogurt parfait
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Strawberry & Chocolate Yogurt Parfait

Chocolate covered strawberries are often a go to gift or dessert for Valentine’s Day, and here’s how to transform that sensuous treat into a yogurt parfait for a healthy breakfast, snack or dessert.

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