CaliMojos – Fad-less Fashion That Never Flops

Flip-flops have proven time and again to be a fad-less fashion trend that’s here to stay. It’s an incredible feet (ha ha!), to be sure!

I received a media sample of Calimojos.

Determined to take this undying fashion statement up a notch, Solar Active International brings its unmatched UV color-changing technology into the footwear game with its newest product: CaliMojos.

A vibrant addition to any wardrobe, CaliMojos flipflops are enhanced with UV-activated technology that instantly floods their straps with color as soon as they hit the sunlight. Indoors, the straps are opaque and understated.

But the second your foot’s out the door, the rhinestone-adorned straps intensify with bold, bright hues.

With four uplifting color options (orange, blue, pink, and white) and two unique designs (floral/tropical or butterfly), CaliMojos are the best companions for fabulous feet this summer.

I remember when I was younger my sister and I would beg my Mom to buy us color changing t-shirts when they vacationed in Mexico (without us!).  I even had color changing gloves that turned color when they were cold!  So these flip flops are kind of nostalgic for me 🙂

They are constructed much the same as a basic plastic flip flop, although I have to say I like the design style of these straps since they’re different from the usual “V” of most flip flops.  They do run a little large (I find typically that this style of flip flop with the plastic foot bed does in almost all brands).  The added bling gem, the strap style and the color changing aspect make them a fun accessory for casual clothes, whether it’s capris, a maxi dress or a swimsuit.

You can learn more about Calimojos and other color-changing products at Solar Active.  To keep up with new promotions and products, you can like them on Facebook and/or follow them on Twitter.

What’s a fun summer accessory you have in your wardrobe?

7 thoughts on “CaliMojos – Fad-less Fashion That Never Flops

  1. These flip flops look so cute. I have really wide feet though, not sure if that strap design would be comfortable for me.

  2. Those are cute on you! I can't seem to walk in flip-flops without flip-flopping myself to the ground. I need some sort of heel–no clue why!

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