Bringing in the New Year With Tyson

Our family loves Tyson products.  They allow me to make quick, healthy meals for my family and everyone likes them, there’s never any complaining at the dinner table!  So I was on board when I was asked if I’d let Tyson help me host my New Year’s Celebration.  Unfortunately, the weather was not quite as generous as Tyson was…or perhaps the weather was MORE generous than Tyson was, LOL! 

Rain turned to ice, and then snow, and more snow and more snow, compounded by wind, gusts and gusts of wind!  This is what it looked like out our front window on New Year’s Eve!  But when you live in SD, this happens. a. lot., and you learn to live with it.

So while I was prepared to feed my guests, who were to be watching football with this…

and a whole lot more in the freezer I might add, but it ended up being New Year’s Eve dinner for my family, a little more like this…

Seeing as I themed my party more ‘football’ than ‘New Year’s’,  I’m now set for SuperBowl!  Of course that’s still winter, so it might look like some one broke a giant snowglobe over the area again .  We’re not safe here until about the Fourth of July (kidding, more like Memorial Day.)

I do appreciate though the way Tyson Any’tizers are flexible not just as appetizers, but as a meal too.  Since I had loaded up my freezer with them, and we still wanted to have a party, even if it was just the three of us, I heated up some of the Popcorn Chicken, and Honey BBQ Boneless Chicken Bites, added some tater tots and waffle fries, and we rang in the New Year, being thankful that even if we couldn’t be with our friends over the holiday, that we (and they) were safe and snug indoors.

While we can’t reschedule New Year’s, any time we get together with friends is worth celebrating so we’re going to try this again on another less treacherous day, so we can share some fun and tasty Tyson products with them!

Disclosure: In accordance to the FTC Guidelines and WOMMA Code of Ethics, I am disclosing that I received product coupons and a gift card from Tyson to host a New Years party (weather permitting…). Although I have a material connection to Tyson, any publicly stated opinions of Tyson remain my own.

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