Brief History of Sitting Fashionably

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Being a blogger and tied to my computer for most of the day, I do a lot of sitting.  Not just for that, but of course in the car, in front of the TV, at the kitchen table….sit.sit.sit.  And there’s nothing worse than having to sit in an uncomfortable chair.  Am I right?

Sometimes chairs that look really comfortable, aren’t at all!  And other times those really fancy looking chairs that look like they’d be torture to sit in, well they’re actually quite comfy!  Funny how that is.

Here’s an informative and inspiring infographic on the history of the chair brought to you from The Furniture Market.  To see it better, right click on the infographic and choose view image, and then click on it again to make it full size.

Do you have a favorite chair to sit in?

22 thoughts on “Brief History of Sitting Fashionably

  1. Yes, I sure do! My friend just sold me her Tempurpedic Office Chair for dirt cheap and it is heaven! My tush has never been so comfortable.

  2. I generally sit on my computer chair, which has extra padding via a chair pillow someone bought me after having a baby, so it's pretty comfy.

  3. I like my computer chair haha. So glad that we don't have to sit in the earliest chairs to do some blogging. My butt and back would be killing me!

  4. it depends what I'm doing. We only have a sectional sofa in our living room, not enough room for another chair, but give me a good lazy-boy and I'm happy!

  5. Chairs sure have come a long way! Thank goodness! I couldn't imagine sitting on some of these:)

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