Breadman Bread Machine

I have been wanting a bread machine for many years.  I’ve drooled over the goodies my family and friends make with theirs.

Fresh baked bread just tastes so good, but I don’t have the patience (or the desire really) to mix it, knead it and shape it from scratch.  So using a bread machine has made it simplistic, to make and try breads of different flavors at home.  Plus, this way I also know what’s going into my bread. 

CSN Stores is where I got my new Breadman Bread Machine.  It’s a basic machine, but has enough features on it for me.  It can make up to a 2 lb loaf, has a Fast Bake mode in which you can bake bread in under 1 hour, as well as a 13 hour delay time, allowing you to wake up to fresh bread in the morning, or have some ready for dinner even if you’re away all day.  It also has 8 modes of use, from a Basic recipe to mixing just the dough if you prefer to mold it and bake it in your oven (ie; Buns, Pizza Crust, etc.)

You can see the first recipe I made in it in my Tropical Traditions Whole Wheat Flour Giveaway. The instructions in the manual were easy to follow, and my first loaf came out perfect and delicious.

If you’ve been looking for a bread machine but don’t have a lot of money to spend on one, I’d recommend the Breadman 2-Pound Bread Maker in White – TR520 from CSN Stores.

Disclosure of Material Connection: I wrote this post as part of a blog campaign by CSN Stores and was supplied with a gift card which I used to purchase the bread machine.  The review and opinions are my own.

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